Tuesday, January 24, 2012

pigeon hole - hobart


My first port of call in Hobart was the highly recommended Pigeon Hole. A gorgeous little bakery with a small but seasonal menu. There is only one vegetarian dish made vegan (if you omit the parmesan cheese) the breakfast beans. As mentioned before I'm now trying to do wheat free as much as possible so I had these beans sans bread which I was a bit sad over, thinking oh.. I'm just going to have a sad little pot of beans for breakfast. One mouthful in and I was stunned, the best beans I've ever had. Rich, full bodied, smokey I could taste cinnamon in them but couldn't place the other flavours that made it so dense. Absolutely spectacular. Excellent coffee, friendly staff and I thought it was sweet they didn't charge me for my coffee (considering I didn't have toast). A great start to Hobart!

deets: 93 Goulburn Street, West Hobart (closed Sunday)
$$: beans $9

other voices, other times:
jules at stone soup did almost the EXACT food tour of Hobart I did


  1. Those beans are my favourite beans in the whole world.

  2. yay! glad to hear it (I've eaten a lot of beans in my life haha) I think so too.


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