Friday, January 27, 2012

seven day juice fast

warning. some poop talk.

From the 27th of December to the 2nd of January I did a liquid fast. I felt like shit. It was a chaotic year for me, living in a terribly mouldy house and having to move out after only 1 year there really took a toll on my health. Taking on too much, a new job role, difficult school subjects, a few friendships falling apart, last year was rough on my health. So my eating habits fell by the wayside and come December I was feeling REALLY crumby.

I decided I would do a fast straight after Christmas, it just felt like the right decision for me. There are many reasons to fast, firstly the majority of us eat too much food. We need a crazy small amount of food to survive (have you actually added up what 1200 calories worth of food looks like per day?). And I realised that my stomach and digestion never gets a break, never has time to repair, is working non stop. I think the majority of disease and ailments is due to food (and the kinds of food you eat) and too much of it.

So going into the fast I did a lot of reading and decided I would do juices and protein smoothies the first few days and see how I went. For the 5 days leading up to the fast I ate strictly gluten free and only two meals a day (with a protein shake for breakfast). I still drank coffee and the occasional cup of tea. I noticed already that I was getting a gross coating on my tongue and my sweat was starting to smell (I don’t smell at all usually – I don’t even wear deodorant). I was feeling really good however, bright and energetic, my sister commented that I looked the most amazing she has ever seen me. On Christmas day I was feeling gross and weird so I decided to have a dose of epsom salts it worked a lot quicker than it usually does. I then sweated into the afternoon. On Boxing Day I had two small meals, I noticed that having an apple became almost unbearable sweet. The night of the 5th day I prepared a salt scrub and stood in the shower visualising and breathing for a few minutes the salt beaded loads of fluid off me. I was drinking loads and loads of water but barely passing anything. During the whole fast I experienced these symptoms exactly as written. It's also worth mentioning that I did as much as I could to assist the detoxifying process, got a massage, did a salt scrub everyday, did epsom salts twice, drank loads of purified water and sunbaked everyday to sweat it off. Here is my diary of the fast.

day one
I begin the fast weighing 85.5kgs. Woke up feeling hungry, it went away within an hour. Had a cup of black tea with a teaspoon of raw sugar. I scrubbed myself head to foot in the shower and then went to the shops to buy juicing supplies. My sweat and body stinks like meat. It’s crazy. Even after the small amount of food I've eaten in the past 5 days I am still using the bathroom a lot. At around 10am I make a mango smoothie with protein powder and filtered water.

1 cup of filtered water
2 organic mangos
1 tbsp LSA
1 tbsp wheatgerm
1 tbsp soy lechithin
1 x portion vanilla protein powder
1 x portion fibre powder

I had the smoothie around 10:30am and then rode to Collingwood at 11:30am, it was difficult ride into the wind but I feel normal. I swing from being hungry to not hungry at all. Bloated a little and gassy, I had juice at 2:30pm.

1/2 a large pineapple
1/2 lemon
thumb of fresh ginger

I had to dilute it with a cup of water as it was too sweet.

5:30pm I am seriously bloated. The amount I'm going to the toilet is FREAKING ME OUT. I have also been taking a dairy free inner health plus per day plus calcium, 2 irons 1 multi vitamin.

6:20pm had large carrot juice with parsley and celery feeling a little woozy after sunbaking for half an hour by 7:20pm absolutely starving, had a chocolate protein shake and a tonne of water.

day two
Went to bed hungry but woke up feeling fine and not hungry. Had a 10 hour sleep. My tongues is coated white and my breath is bad, I feel like brushing my teeth and tongue all the time (which I do). I’ve taken this time to adopt a twice daily flossing routine during which I have discovered one of my molars is cracked. Must go to the dentist when he is back from holidays. I'm waking up everday with a lot of mucus on my chest and in my sinus. All the bloating has gone.

Had breakfast smoothie, same as above but with a punnet of organic blackberries.

Went out all day, feel great, feel extremely clear in the head. Tottered around Ikea feeling very calm, came out felt a bit hungry was surprised to see it was 3:30pm.

Got home at 4:30pm had a juice

1/2 large beet
1/2 lemon
1/2 cucumber
1 cup of pineapple

Go through periods of being bloated but I think that’s my actual period. Started today don’t have cramps for the first time. Lets see what happens tomorrow.

day three
Have started to think about food haven’t thought about it until this point, I would give my left arm for some avocado on rye crackers. I bought them at IKEA yesterday. I guess juice fasting is just a little bit boring though as well, food is my creativity and the end is a delicious reward. I've busied myself by cleaning out the house and doing some gardening. I feel good this morning hardly any mucus my heartbeat is slow and my stomach is making gurgling noises all the time, deep gurgling noises. I've taken some epsom salts because I’m still going to the bathroom ALL THE TIME and I just want it all out of there its really starting to freak me out. I have my period but I don’t have any period pain which is the first in a very very long time. My sweat still stinks like meat. I am currently disgusted with my own body.

Sweating twice as much as I usually do. Drenched from my bike ride to the city the awful meat smell has started to fade which is nice. Breath is still foul but getting better. Had beet juice with pineapple parsley cucumber for lunch, breakfast was usual smoothie with 2 handfuls mixed berries. 4.50pm had a chocolate protein shake. 9:30pm had a juice: carrot apple celery loads of ginger and wired me a little.

day four
Fucking bored of this already but the house looks and feels amazing I might go to the movies today to carve up the boredom a bit. The mucus doesnt end it's fucking disgusting.

Had a mango smoothie for breakky. It made me too full so I had the rest of it for lunch. Had a karmarama juice at the movies and that’s it, I forgot mostly about food today but still going to the bathroom. I understand why people do enemas now because seriously if that’s what stuck in my fucking colon I want to get it the fuck out of there, I smell like a rotting carcass.

Everything else has calmed down the sweating and the sweat smell has gone, feeling really clear and LOADS of energy. Did some good biking today same energy levels as normal might go for a walk around the park tomorrow.

day five
Had a 12 hour sleep awash with anxiety dreams about Daniel's family and adopting a dog. It's almost 11am and am feeling good, the black sludge is still coming out of me. Have some mouth ulcers and have jaw soreness from anxiety.

Had a watermelon, cucumber, lemon and apple juice at about 1:30pm. Have no desire to eat or drink today, getting anything down is a chore.

day six

I am 81.7kg. Still producing matter from everywhere. This is really amazingly disgusting.

Had a lime and grapefruit juice for breakfast and a tbsp of mixed nut butter.

The rest of the day I had chocolate protein shake and a glass of soy milk, no real desire for anything. Got really woozy today. Had a few moments when I got up too quickly and had to balance myself.

day seven
Cant believe its my last day. Really don't want food at all. Had a carrot, celery, ginger and apple juice for breakfast. A glass of soy milk and berrie protein smoothie. Can't stop thinking about food now though (even though I have no desire to eat), was sooo tempted to break the fast last night

day eight
Breakfast, one organic mango and some pineapple. Food has NEVER tasted so good. The mango made my stomach blow up like crazy, got super hungry an hour later and ate half a pineapple. I think my jaw tension over the past week was muscle memory from not having chewed for so long. I’m chewing my food slowly at this point want to make it easy on myself. Not sure I’ll have vegies today, I’ll see how I go, perhaps just fruit most of the day then a shake.

Lunch I had a protein shake with linseed oil, berries and LSA. Dinner I had broth with fresh vegies (cut very small) and black quinoa. This is what I ate for the three days following the fast. At the end of the fast I weighed 80.7kgs.

fast over
It took me 5 days of slowly introducing more food into my daily diet. I still basically eat only 2 meals a day. I'll have a soy coffee for breakfast with some fruit and then a small meal for lunch and dinner.

what it has taught me

How little food I need to survive. How great I feel when I eat less food, not more. It's broken my sugar addiction, I've had 2 soft drinks in the month since the fast. I only crave healthy foods now. My digestion is much much better and I've stuck to a wheat free diet. I've lost 4.5kgs and I'm losing a little bit of weight each week (I want to lose another 6kgs). I feel like I've kickstarted my metabolism. My skin is unbelievably clear and radiant. I also have much more strength and energy, even though I havent worked out as much as I usually do, when I do I have more power both lungs and physically. Quite remarkable.

My body is resilient and knows how to heal itself. I just need to give it a rest every now and then. I want to do this fast once a year (you should only do it in summer time). It's been a huge breakthrough for me.

It's that time of year, Lisa recently did a liquid fast as well.


  1. Black sludge - I know exactly what you mean!

  2. Thank you so much for this! I'm happy you were so honest about the experience. I've been wanting to juice fast for a while but was worried I couldn't doing anything during it but since you were biking and stuff I think I'll be fine!

  3. take it easy the first 2-3 days...after that I was fine

  4. ok. I think Im going to give it a try. Hairy is OBSESSED with juice, and I just want my gut to feel clean!
    T x

  5. Thanks for this, I want to do a juice doing my masters at the mo, so waiting until end of semester in about 4 weeks...I can feel my body just needs the detox.

    Do you have any good resources you can recommend for info?


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