Friday, January 20, 2012

thousand pound bend - melbourne


Regardless about how you feel about Jerome, Thousand Pound Bend is a pretty neat space. All of his venues have that laid back feel which is really nice (and odd considering how eye wateringly hipster the clientele is). They have a new menu with this tasty, fresh buckwheat noodle dish on it. Lightly steamed tofu, fresh raw salad and a broth type sauce it was exactly what I wanted on a super hot day. Not sure if the buckwheat noodles are gluten free but I didn't have any reaction to them. Another vegan win in town.

deets: 361 Lt Lonsdale Street, Melbourne web:
$$: $10?


  1. I really like Thousand pound bend. The service can be a bit slow but the staff are nice (they get nicer if you go there a few times and recognise your face) and the coffee is good. As I work from home and it's not really appropriate to hold meeting in our spare room, I hold a lot of meetings there.

  2. great place to hold a meeting Cate!


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