Wednesday, February 29, 2012

cruelty free super

I wanted to welcome my new advertiser today but also talk a little bit about the advertising on EAVP. I only promote vegan business and have approached all advertisers directly (except for one) because they are companies I already deal with and respect. These are companies and products I am happy and proud to share my space with.

I became a member of Cruelty Free Super about 6 months ago (I think, maybe longer). I have become so impressed with Lee Coates and the tireless work he does on ethical investing. Investment, banks and money is such complicated and unethical terrain. Thankfully we have someone like Lee out there. Lee’s work has been so well respected that last year he was honoured with an Order of the British Empire.

If you want to read more about Lee and his amazing work with Cruelty Free Super and Ethical Money here are some interviews:

humane research article article
and see his extensive profile on Wikipedia

Cruelty Free Super posted on their twitter the other day
that many people don’t exercise their right to choose their own super fund. That is CRAZY to me. Money has such power, you could be funding genocide in Africa, environmental destruction or just plain greed with a dollar. Pick up all the strands of your lost super and make it cruelty free. Not only is it ‘feel good’ but the kinds of industries that cruelty free money would be invested in (like green energy) are becoming hot markets. I warmly welcome Cruelty Free Super!

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