Tuesday, February 21, 2012

iku yakitori - brunswick

hiyayakko tofu - cold tofu with spring onion, ginger, soy and chilli powder $5
eggplant yakitori skewers ($5 maybe?)
mushroom yakitori skewers ($5 maybe?)

Iku is on the end of my street though I've only been there once in the 4 years I've been living in Brunswick. The one time I went there I thought the food was good but was not good value for money. With a 40 minute wait for food at the Union (wtf?!) we took a punt and had a meal at Iku. I wasn't that hungry so I only got a few small plates. The service was great, friendly and around. The food was delicious! Especially the yakitori (obvs it's what they specialise in). I look forward to going back there more often, especially as they have a proper vegetarian banquet option and there is surprisingly few places to have dinner in walking distance from my house.

deets: 139 Sydney Road, Brunswick web: iku yakitori
$$: I'm pretty sure my 3 dishes were $15 total

other voices, other times:
veggie friendly (2006)

*sozz bubs for phone pics xx

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