Monday, February 20, 2012

monday melbourne roundup

I had a pretty quiet week by my standards. No theatre, no music, no going out just a couple of meals out and some staying at home. I've had my brother staying with me for the past week who's needed a bit of TLC so I've been staying in as much as possible.

I hit the usuals of purple peanuts and miss marmalade. I went back to cutler and co for a very special meal, more on that later then afterwards we all went to luwow for a drink. I've been to loads of tiki bars all over the US and this one is actually not too bad. The drinks weren't great though. There is so few places that do excellent cocktails in Melbourne.

I guess the biggest secret/surprise is.. I thought I would try tom phat again to see if it's improved and IT HAS. My meal was cooked well, I didn't like the flavours but it was good enough for me to go back from breakfast on Sunday and the tofu scramble was really REALLY good. The menu has changed slightly to accommodate the new chef but it works. Looking forward to hitting it up more soon.

Whats news with you hep-cats? Go any recipes, websites or restaurants you've been loving? Anywhere in the world doesnt have to be Melbourne!

biggest love xx Carla


  1. Did a bike ride in Brisbane on Saturday. Started off at a little coffee shop in Yeronga called Evo. My friends had raved about this place, but I didn't think it was that great...anyway, we went onward to the Brisbane Corso and along the river and over the bridge to St Lucia where we dropped in and had lunch at My Heart Garden. Delicious as always, but service was a bit slow (I think there was a new girl on). The no-sausage roll was yummy (if a little on the small size) and the banana bread was great! Everyone then came back to mine at night where we listened to tragic music, ate a mean vegan bbq and partied into the night!

  2. Forgot about the scrambled tofu I knocked up for everyone on Sunday morning! It was received with with blerry eyes and hungry tums very well!

  3. wow Ben! actioned packed! sounds like heaps of fun :)


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