Monday, February 27, 2012

monday melbourne roundup

busy! but EXCITING busy. A couple of EXCELLENT trips to the theatre this week. I have my flatmate from London in town so there has a been a wee bit of touristy thangs with her.

Coffee... All my usual haunts my sister says (port melbourne), espresso hub (city), miss marmalade (brunswick), acoustica (brunswick) , journal (city), dukes coffee (prahran). There's a good spread of suburbs there so if you're ever in need of great coffee now you know where to go. I'm also thinking about reprising Lisa Dempsters conversation about being charged extra for soy milk. I will begin reporting next week!

Food.. purple peanuts (still amazing), the loving hut ($8 sweetnsour "pork" special COMPLETELY AMAZING I DONT KNOW WHY PEOPLE DONT LIKE IT!), bimbos (seems like toppings are permanently shit why do I keep going back?) and roof top bar (which I hadnt been to in about 3 years - was a lovely Sunday afternoon in the sun).

Tom Phat report: prematurely excited. Service went back to being lazy and contemptuous. Food was ok though.

CHECK THIS OUT.. I'm always going on about the duopoly in my cooking classes and how it effects how we see fruit and vegies. There is over 7,500 different kinds of APPLES (not sure how many are edible) and yet most people have probably only eaten 4 or 5. Welcome to THE ANTIQUE APPLE FESTIVAL where you can go and try ANTIQUE apple varities. I'm seriously thinking about going to this, anyone else? Thanks Katie for the link!

ALSO coming up this Sunday - vegan bake off at Radical Grocery! this is where I get to THROW DOWN and get COMPETITIVE. I'm crazy, insanely competitive but I also don't consider myself to be a good baker so... who knows! I've got an idea for 2 dishes so lets see! Hope to see you there, wear your eating pants!


the wild duck

MQFF launch
I've already booked my mintie pass but I keep looking at others and wishing I was going to see those too. Really don't think I'll have time but perhaps I'll squeeze in a few single session. yay! Let me know if you're going to anything would love to have a queer vegan film buffs meet up!

summertime in the garden of eden
GO AMAZING ITS AMAZING. My review is up on milkbar.


  1. I really need to give Loving Hut another go. I was underwhelmed by our first visit but this is the second recommendation I've heard for their current menu. And I have a shameful weakness for sweet and sour pork.

  2. I loved my dish. srsly. I did do take away which could add to the experience.

  3. I'll be interested to hear what you have to say on the extra charge for soy milk in cafes. 50 cents doesn't seem like a lot, but it really does add up for a simple coffee lover... Having to pay close to 5 dollars for a coffee which is often not even that good (maybe its just around where I live, in the suburbs) when the people you're with pay only 3.50 makes me feel a bit cheated.

    Maybe I'd feel more okay with it if the standard of coffee was more consistent within the same cafe...

  4. Hey Carla, I've actually been working on a secret project to identify Melbourne coffee shops as "soy not extra" shops, or shops that may charge extra, but for Bonsoy. I've been gathering reviews from friends in the past few weeks but suddenly, today, had a thought that maybe no one else cares about being charged extra for soy.

    Good to see that some people DO care...I hate, HATE being charged .50 extra for some shitty soy milk just 'cos I don't wanna drink cow's milk.

    Anyway, I am hoping to get the first version of my map up live in the next few weeks...


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