Tuesday, March 6, 2012

enlightened cuisine - southbank


Due to all my board/school/writing and social commitments I travel around A LOT of Melbourne. Recently I've joined a new board that meets in South Melbourne so it's a perfect chance to have a quiet dinner for one at Enlightened Cuisine. I love the mix of people you get at Enlightened, punks, goths, extremely large Indian families all crowded around a banquet table. All there to revel in delicious mock meat craziness. I've blogged before on the extensive feast you can have at Enlightened, this night in particular I had a small dish from their lunch menu. White table cloths amazing staff and a glass of wine, my incredibly stressful day melted away.

Trying to avoid wheat I thought Enlightened would be off limits to me but I was surprised and happy to find out they use soy mock meats aplenty. My chicken satay was AMAZING. I really love Enlightened, it's in such an awkward part of town that many people don't go it's such a shame. I'm happy I've joined this board though, I'm going to be Miss Fatty Pac Man eating my way through the menu.

deets: 113 Queensbridge St, Southbank web: enlightened cuisine
$$: chicken satay lunch special $13 (after 5pm)

other voices, other times:
where's the beef?
vegan about town
mel: hot or not

ps: Enlightened are closed for renovations until 23rd of March.


  1. It is such a weird location. But I love eating there so much!

  2. I love Enlightened Cuisine, especially the spicy dishes. Must be time for another visit soon...

  3. I really hope you are going to be Miss Fatty Pacman! hahahaha.

  4. @cindy YAH ME TOO cant wait to have MOAR

    @mel oo spicy dishes? I havent tried them....

    @vegiebug YOU KNOW IT GIRRLLL


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