Tuesday, March 13, 2012

monday melbourne roundup - the tuesday edition

Busiest week by far. Melbourne was a crazy festival melting pot this week with Loreal Melbourne Fashion Festival, Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, Moomba, Future Music Festival and the sideshows from Golden Plains ALL IN TOWN. So I was out and about doing a few things from almost all. I had a huge sleep on Saturday night to power down from it all. Did you go to anything?

eat/drink: I had some wine at Bar Ampere, the Metropolis-esque bar next door to my spiritual home Gin Palace. A great place to have a couple of quick drinks. Spud Bar has been killing me, I love it SO much. I think I'm finally reaching my end of my Lord addiction, I was in the city yesterday and I didn't want it at all (thank god my poor liver cant take that amount of fried food so frequently).

I've also been hitting Bo De Trai quite a bit lately a post coming soon.Sumo Salad has also been getting flogged, I've been loving having a huge salad for lunch. Hopefully it's counterbalancing all the Lords. I also went to the Vegie Bar for breakfast on the weekend (first time in years) and their breakfast menu has changed substantially, I found it so hard to choose but post coming soon!


jamie oliver @ the regent theatre
I'm a huge fan of Jamie Oliver, his food politics are very closely aligned with my own. I find him infinitely inspiring. As I've been such a huge fan for so long there wasn't much he talked about that I hadn't heard before but I did walk away more inspired to start teaching in a wider capacity. Perhaps getting involved with high schools and teaching my class there. If anyone has any leads for this kind of thing please be in touch! Many thanks to The Wheeler Centre and Claire for arranging my very last minute ticket. Jamie won the TED prize a couple of years ago, watch his amazing presentation:

the black lips @ the corner
It's not very often I go to gigs these days, but when I do it's usually a riot. The Black Lips are UNREAL, this is the second time I've seen them live. It was full moon and everyone was going nuts. In the last song everyone climbed on stage and were dancing, singing and hugging. It was a major bromance/howdown/punk fest. It was AMAZING. Was also augmented by my favourite Australian band The Frowning Clouds being support act. BEST NIGHT EVER.

wild flag @ the corner
religious.experience.the.end. If you have never seen Carrie Brownstein live you have no idea how amazing music can be. But all of those ladies as well, Janets drumming is just off the planet. A taste:

a separation

One of the most lauded films at MIFF last year I had been keen to check it out for ages (I actually had a ticket for MIFF but gave it away to a lady in the queue for released tickets that was about 40 people long no shit). I really liked this film but again.. it was too long. The acting was brilliant, the light, it even had shaky cam that I didn't hate. If you love your cinema euro angsty this is definitely for you. 3.5/5

jiro - dreams of sushi

This was screened as part of Food and Wine Festival in Fed Square. There were many food related film sessions but this was the only one I could make. It was another much talked about film from MIFF last year but this time I absolutely loved it (could have been its 72 minute running time?!?!). I thought I might be freaked out by loads of fish butchery but there wasnt that much in it. Its a WONDERFUL WONDERFUL film about survival and the things we do to maintain our dignity and safety. 4/5

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