Monday, March 19, 2012

monday melbourne roundup

More March craziness. A couple of launches last week, grand prix, thai food festival and melbourne queer film festival created chaos around town.

More food and drink on the run this week: We got treated with boredom and contempt trying to get a glass of wine at My Mexican Cousin, more MOAR Lord (naturally - though I'm finally burning out on it), I rolled around my old scene of ruin Gin Palace (oh how I've missed you), had a foodgasm at Trippy Taco (is it me or they getting better and better?). Tried Tom Phat one more time and well it's splitsville again. We went for breakfast on Friday and they managed to get Clare's food completely wrong so we had to wait. That's 3 for 3 times they got our food wrong. The tofu scramble was also bad. Oh well, bai bai Tom Phat.

Spud Bar got flogged again, had a drink (finally) at Tyranny of Distance in Pran and rounded off the week with Henry's Beans at Wide Open Road (freaking love that place, they're expanding can't wait to see what they do with the warehouse).


tribes - MTC
An interesting choice for MTC, certainly a change in direction from last years rather shitful season. I still didn't enjoy it, found it too long, boring and ambitious (too much going on with the staging, lighting and set to really enjoy the actor's performances). Cast was very good (a couple of shouty actors but the rest were excellent). Hopefully this means a shift in MTC's programming (not a crazy woman in sight in this play!).

cloudburst - melbourne queer film festival launch
Oh look, the film was sweet but it was nothing to write home about. It was nice watching a film about elderly lesbians though. The party itself was fun, Magda was the guest of honour she was cheered so much going on stage she cried, we cried, LOVELY. I'm going to quite a few sessions for MQFF, are you? What are you seeing?

milkbar mag relaunch party - hasti bala bar - the carlton
The Carlton have a new bar, inbetween the old bar and rooftop, it's freaking lovely. The re-launch was a super fun party it was lovely to see so many of the contributors. Fun night, check out the revamped website!

beyond the neck - red stitch
review on Milkbar Mag.

We raised $160 for Brightside Farm Sanctuary - hooray! Will do a full post about it this week. x

Sheesh, after typing that all up no wonder I'm freaking tired that is a BIG week. xx

ps: oh I neglected to mention THIS last week - sometimes everything aligns - taken at Wild Flag


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