Monday, March 26, 2012

monday melbourne roundup


food: I was very good last week, trying my hardest to not eat out. Not only for my pocket but also for my health. So there was very little outing, a treat of Lord of the Fries before MQFF and a few snacks at Choo Choos on Sunday night. Oh I did have a soul warming PHO at Yong Green Food, review coming this week.

A fair bit of wine was drunk this week, Von Haus, Atticus Finch et et oh it's Autumn and my toes are curling my cockles need warming and we can all rug up hold hands in front of fires and giggle in the twilight. I have been *reveling* in this weather. Bring it Melbs, you look the most stunning in Autumn.


we were here - MQFF

Absolutely magnificent documentary. So well edited and produced. The handful of people the director chose also to be included were such a perfect mix to give you the full picture of the AIDS crisis in San Francisco in the early-late 80's. Get out your tissues there wasnt a dry eye in the house. 4.5/5

jitters - MQFF

Gorgeousness. This movie articulates SO WELL how we all find out points of sexuality. The people who give us "jitters" that butterfly feeling in your stomach that feeling that you can't intellectualise. This is kind of like Icelandic Skins, it's really really wonderful. 4/5

electrelane - the corner

Seriously you could end this year here and I would be the happiest girl in the world. I have seen SO MUCH AMAZING TEAR INDUCING GODLY STUFF in the first 3 months of this year. Electrelane, I never thought I'd see them live, the stuff that dreams were made of. Fantastic crowd too, this made me cry tears of joy. JOY JOY JOY. Thanks to the Gods for giving me so much ABUNDANCE.


  1. Melbourne... Autumn... It's like she's put on her Sundays finest for 3 months. Bless her little rust red and gold coloured socks. I love this town... M xo:)


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