Friday, March 16, 2012

shakahari - carlton

Photobucket rainbow pate - Three tiered pate of beetroot organic soy cheese, pumpkin lentil and nutmeg, sweetcorn walnut and parsley $14.50 Photobucket pan fried gnocchi with chia seed - $14? Photobucket house macro bowl (absolutely delicious) - $14?

Shakahari is closing it's Carlton restaurant in April. Yes. You heard me. They are opening a new Shakahari in South Melbourne (details to be found). So this post is bitter sweet. I'm going to go one more time before they close up forevs. They have been in the same location in Carlton for over 20 years! NOT HAPPENING ANYMORE PEOPLE THEY ARE STAYING OPEN FOR THE TIME BEING!!

The food on this trip, the pate was really strange the nutmeg flavoured overpowered everything else. The gnocci is always a winner and so is the macro bowl. It was a face melting 400 degrees in there on the day in question with just some fans. I questioned why they didn't have aircon and realise now its because they're building a new spiffy restaurant. Can't wait to go but sad that it's in South Melbourne as I won't be able to go very often. Shanks for the memories.

deets: 201-203 Faraday Street Carlton web:
$$: each dish was around the $14 mark

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  1. I am sad to hear they are moving - I love the vide of the current building but agree that it would be so much nicer with air con - and my last visit was 2 to 3 years ago when it was 40 C and eating anything wasn't nice - wish I could organise to go again before they close but doubt it - though I am also even less likely to go to south melb but will be interested to hear about the new place!

  2. I'm surprised that they're moving! Their Thai restaurant (Isthmus of Kra) is in South Melbs so may be moving closeby?

  3. @johanna I'm trying to organise one final hoorah. I'll include you on the email loop

    @penny I'm surprised too! Yeah I LOVE the Isthmus of Kra but again in a really weird spot so I've only been once...

    @cherie Carlton is closing "some time in April" don't know when the South Melbourne restaurant is opening

  4. Beh Kim Un & John DunhamMay 19, 2012 at 4:04 PM

    Thanks everyone for your support and concern for Shakahari. We've been granted a further lease and hope to continue in Carlton for another forty (yes, 40!!)years. During this anniversary year we are opening a second Shakahari at 225 Clarendon St., South Melbourne in a few weeks from now. Menus at the two restaurants will be almost identical. We'll keep you posted, and please follow Shakahari on Facebook where we post almost daily from both restaurants, as well as from the farm.


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