Tuesday, March 20, 2012

trippy taco - collingwood

tofu asada taco with cheezly $6.50

Ahhh Trippy! I have always loved Trippy even though sometimes the food has been a bit patchy. And by patchy I mean occasionally it wasn't completely freaking awesome. What has always stayed constant is their absolutely gorgeous staff. The new location is crammed, though they do seem to have a lot more seating (especially when you count the huge outside tables). The menu has remained the same however the last couple of times I've been there they have BAM Elzar taken it up a notch* to SERIOUSLY AMAZING.

I blissed out on this tofu asada taco and crack fries. A lovely sunny day and Talking Heads blaring and it was pretty much a perfect moment. TRIPPY TACO I LOVE YOU MARRY ME.

deets: 234 Gertrude Street  Fitzroy VIC 3065 web: (no website BAM!)
$$: crazy cheap

* dorky Futurama joke

other voices, other times:
me: one, two
where's the beef?
mel: hot or not?
in the mood for noodles
vegan about town
eat more vegies
melbourne gastronome
two munch
more cheese please


  1. That looks so good! Trippy taco is definitely on my list of restaurants to try... There are too many of them!

    1. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH! Regreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! I was down in Melbs a few weeks ago and had a HUGE list of new vegan-friendly eateries to try (thanks to you EAVP!) and Trippy Taco was on there. Sadly we ran out of time and stomach space on the last day and only had one choice meal left before the flight. We went with Veggie Bar. It was REALLY good, especially the rice balls, but these pics of taco/chips KILL me. Trippy Taco has now moved STRAIGHT to the top of my list for next visit!

      P.S I had to comment on alexe's comment cause my stupid computer won't let me do my own comment.

  2. I love the tofu asada. Seriously, they need to get that $hit into shops!

  3. @alexe I would put it at the TOP.. Trippy and Veggie Bar are my always go to faves...

    @me. veggie bar is a great choice! so amazing! but yes TRIPPY!!! DO IT!!

    @louise I knoe right!


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