Monday, April 2, 2012

monday melbourne roundup

Slightly less manic week, got felled by my heart and subsequently got a cold. The heart is a wild and mysterious place, you never know what is going to germinate.

Had many delicious meals with friends, lots of talking and heart to hearts. I find it remarkable that all the crazy shit we've been through, the death, heart break, longing and insecurity that we still willingly and hopefully offer ourselves to potential slaughter. The heart is nothing but optimistic and persistent, this makes me happy.

food: Rolled around Gin Palace some more, received moar shitty service at My Mexican Cousin (their staff is pure bred Melbourne surly, they look really busy and overworked granted but they could be nicer). Had some delicious raw hommous at the Vegie Bar (I am craving SERIOUSLY potent foods for breakfast these days), hit up the newly renovated Enlightened Cuisine for a mock meat feast (I'm too wussy for the banquet these days) and my weekend visit to Wide Open Road to meet up with some LOVELY tweeps (thats 3 people from Twitter I've met IRL this week exciting times!).

time to catch up on film for the year (I've been forgetting to post about it).

stephen sondheims company
STEPHEN SONDHEIM'S COMPANY: Movie Trailer. Watch more top selected videos about: Craig Bierko, Jon Cryer
AM.AZE.ING. Just watch that trailer. WATCH IT. 4.5/5 (made me cry)

my week with marilyn


albert nobbs
Can't embed a trailer.
AMAZING. 4.5/5

a dangerous method

really disappointing (hate Keira Knightly) 2/5

the rum diary

Absolutely looks STUNNING. But ultimately boring and disappointing. 3/5

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