Monday, April 23, 2012

monday melbourne roundup

hey hey hey! girl, if that skirt gets any shorter you'll be arrested for dealing crack.

So it is, I'm utterly obsessed with RuPauls' Drag Race. It's my perfect reality tv show - it's a bit Survivor, Project Runway, Americas Next Top Model and The X Factor. All with catty queens throwing SHADE (not to mention some seriously GORGEOUS girls). So that's essentially what I've been doing, I've also been sick for like a WEEK, this is killing me I'm so over feeling like crap. Godspeed health!

food: I smashed sickness comfort food this week so lots of eating at ying thai 2, von haus, yong green food, lord and purple peanuts. Yong post coming this week.

boy girl wall - the lawler studio
Click the link to see my review. Loved it! Go and see it!

the histrionic - the malthouse
I didn't get to see the end of this play as an audience member collapsed and had to be treated on the spot by the ambos (that's 3 times I've had that happen!) but all in all I really liked this play. The Malthouse staging is always so mind blowing, it's not a comfortable play however. The main character Bruscon is monsterous and suffocating, so much so I don't particularly want to go back and endure him for another hour just so I can see the end. An interesting choice for the Malthouse and as always lovely to see Barry Otto.

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