Monday, April 30, 2012

monday melbourne roundup

Busy week but also relaxing, Aprils a bit of a piss take isn't it? I've worked 3.5 day weeks for the past 6 weeks. A girl could get used to this. Had pretty much my perfect week, lots of theatre and food and enough time in between to rest and do my laundry. What did you get up to on Anzac Day? I have this giant ass tub of golden syrup perhaps I'll make some belated Anzac cookies? any favourite recipe links?

food: I went back to Hellenic and had an outstanding meal (the same meal however, what is with so many restaurants not mixing up their menus? I'm looking at you Gingerboy). Though I'm not keen on Greek wine, I find it too astringent. Hellenic was a dreamy, warm, delicious place to be on a wintry, wet night.

I found moar noodle yumminess at Menya Ramen, they actually have a lot of vegan options! Post coming soon. Albert St Food and Wine was also hit (post coming this week) the food was great but I found it too expensive.


red - MTC
I loved this, it was total art wank philosophy for an hour and a half. Rothko is my favourite painter and I'm glad to see the play reflects what a brilliant and conflicted man he was. Not recommended if you're not in love with the material.

stockholm - red stitch
review on Milkbar

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