Tuesday, April 17, 2012

yong green food - fitzroy


I'd tried going to Yong so many times after many many rave reviews from friends but I just never seemed to get there. The siren song of garlic pizza at Bimbos or anything at the Vegie Bar always lured me in. I tried going a couple of times on a Monday, Yong is closed on Monday. So on a coldish, blustery day where I was feeling sad I found myself sitting in front of the hugest, most delicious bowl of vegan pho I've ever eaten. Vegan.pho.

Terrible photo as you can't see the mountains of vegies underneath that pile of bean shoots. It wasn't one of those sad noodle soups with 2 florets of broccoli and a slice of capsicum, this was filled to the brim with vegies and tofu. The broth, oh the broth. I took a slice of raw pecan pie home and it was also delicious. Yong has an EXTENSIVE menu, all delicious looking. The pho was too big for me, I wish they had a smaller size - that would be the only criticism, their meals are large enough for two, if you don't have someone to share with you will waste food (my pathological fear).

You've heard it all around the traps Yong is amaze (yes I'm 4000 years behind everyone else). Yong also do a macro feast, DYING to try that out.

deets: 421 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy web: no web site
$$: pho was $14.50

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  1. Margarita WilliamsApril 17, 2012 at 11:43 AM

    I share the same fear of wasting food. I just can't stand it. I can hear nails on a blackboard just thinking about it. That and mum's, "there are starving kids in Africa" line.

  2. I still haven't been to Yong's and it's been on my list of places to try for way too long. The pho looks and sounds great, was it spicy?

    1. no it wasnt spicy.. I wish it was!

  3. Interesting... the pho is the only thing on the Yong menu that I do not really rate. I think I need to revisit. Also : you, me, macro feast, let's do it!

  4. Does pho ever come in a reasonable size? The answer is no. I also hate wasting food, and end up stuffing myself silly to avoid this!

  5. Getting a good veg pho is a challenge - I haven't been to yongs - have it on my list of places to visit but this pho has bumped it up the list because I love pho but never make it and rarely find a good one

  6. Finally went to Yongs last week (think i've tried to go there with you a couple times on a Monday. Bah!). Fucking FANTASTIC! I'm seriously in love with the place. Had the buckwheat pancakes, chicken something and the macro dragon bowl(?). The chicken was so-so, but the pancakes and macro were divine. I'm drooling on the keyboard thinking about it. I'm back in Melbourne tomorrow. Think dinner there again is in order! Macaroni xo:)


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