Wednesday, May 23, 2012

the loving hut - richmond


Like most people I comfort myself with food, sometimes too much. Life being extremely stressful last week I thought I'll stop my day and sit down and have some comfort food. Like actually sit down and enjoy a meal. It was magical. When The Loving Hut opened a year ago it met with a bit of grumbling in the veg community but I don't know why. Perhaps it's just settled into more of a routine now because I find the service excellent, the food arrives super quick and is amazingly delicious (also the Supreme TV had the sound off while I was there).

I had the sweet and sour soy chicken, it was golden deep fried and so sweet it makes your teeth hurt. Exactly what I needed that day. With Miss Finas Vietnamese Cafe having just opened a few shops down (and both being 100% vegan), Victoria St is packing a punch with some amazing veg options.

deets: Shop 10, 242 Victoria St, Richmond web: The Loving Hut 
$$:  My meal with jasmine tea was $17

other voices, other times:
in the mood for noodles
where's the beef?
veganise this
damn right I want a cupcake!
chomp and slurp


  1. I think the quality of the dishes have improved. I have blog post coming out too because i'm addicted to their salt and pepper tofu.

  2. I've been meaning to revisit but haven't been in the Richmond area since. We don't eat out often so there are always way too many places on my list to try. Thanks for the linkage!

    1. I hear you on being spoiled for choice. Loving Hut fits in well with IKEA trips for me :D

  3. There are some dishes that LH do exceedingly well (I'm a huge fan of their char kway teow) and others that are somewhat lacklustre. Fina's Vegetarian is really good, but I don't think it's 100% vegan - some dishes are labelled 'suitable for vegans' whilst others are not, also they serve milk based drinks and cheesecakes/dairy based cakes. Their spring roll salad is definitely vegan and definitely outstanding, however!

    1. oh ok thanks for the tip, everywhere I've read it talks about Finas being vegan will have to investigate. High ratings everywhere! Will check it out.

      PS I loved your blog!!! I was sad that you stopped blogging x


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