Monday, May 28, 2012

monday melbourne roundup - the emerging writers festival edition

Howdy! What an INSANE WEEK and this coming week is almost equal in intensity. I hate wishing time away but I'll be really happy to see the end of May. I feel about 6 inches taller my growth spurt has been so immense. Thankfully for some reason, I'm not going to question, I get 6 weeks holiday from uni so June is looking relaxing.

But until then I have another week of exams, major assignments and emerging writers festival. I spoke on my first ever panel yesterday, at the Town Hall Conference, about digital writing obviously in particular blogging. I was dead nervous, lost my place a couple of times in my speech, but got all the points I wanted across. Thanks to everyone for their fantastic feedback I had some LOVELY readers come up and talk to me after the session, it's really heart warming to meet you face to face. Especially my Canadian fans! I didn't catch your name but I know there is a Vancouver reader out there who loves my blog thanks for passing on the message.

I guess this is why I do this blog, I love connecting with you, hearing your stories about how easy as vegan pie made vegan food easy and not intimidating. I love that even though it's so (purposefully) Melbourne centric there is still so many of you all over the world (and Australia) who read and get something out of it. Thank you to all of you! Ok before I get all weepy lets get onto the roundup.

food: Again another week of food on the run. Today I will be starting a week of blogging about what I eat everyday. I dont know why I didn't think of it sooner it's the perfect way to respond to "what on earth do vegans eat anyway?" Well I'll show you! Stay tuned after this post.


stories that matter - emerging writers festival
I laughed, I cried, I drank too much champagne and generally had my heart warmed by all the beautiful and wonderful writers in the room. It's Lisa Dempster's final year of being the director and I almost cried in her speech. She is a wonderful, super amazing, intelligent and gorgeous woman. I can't wait to see what she does next.

performance - ACMI

I should have really read about it before I went, Daniel picked it but jesus was it one of the worst movies I've ever seen in my life. Serious continuity issues, waaay too much direction and technical experimentation (a whole scene with distorted sound and green film?!?!) it was horrible, I went for a walk for 20 minutes because I was going to slap someone. NEVER SEE IT.

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