Monday, May 14, 2012

monday melbourne roundup - the sydney edition

You know what I miss about living in Sydney the most? Home-friggin-delivery. All amazing all the time all you want home delivery. Dead from the purple man and nested with a roaring fire who the hell could be bothered going out to eat? So whachoo do?  Order in the most amazing Nepalese food and gorge watching video clips in our socks. Boom.

I've been spending a lot of time back in Sydney party party partying. It's been fun. Lotsa fun. Friends weddings, south coast beach party times, purple people party times. It's nice to love going back to Sydney, who the hell ever thought that would happen? It's not what you know it's really who you know. So it was a short week here with things crammed. No theatre (boo) I hate going a week without theatre. Will more than make up for that over the coming weeks, Emerging Writers Festival AND Next Wave both at the same time. Woo.

maha bar and grill
Marieke held a a fundraising dinner for her friend Gen. It was a great night, a post coming this week.

prince - allphones arena - sydney
I mean Prince is Prince but this was all over the shop. Too patchy and the 20 minute Purple Rain gave me I'm too fucking hungry for this rage. It took me a while to calm down, all in all it was a great night but 2003 was better. This review sums it up. Side note: What the HELL IS WRONG WITH SYDNEY why do they have to demolish everything that was any good? The Entertainment Centre was great, great location and sentimental for all of us who grew up there. Allphones is fucking disgusting. Nice one dickheads.

rozelle markets
PROPER flea market, loads of great finds. I got a gorgeous bundt tin for $3 and loads of books.

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