Monday, May 7, 2012

monday melbourne roundup

A pretty busy but relaxing week for me. Lots of catching up with friends, sitting around eating and drinking coffee, la dolce vita!  In the last couple of weeks the blog has been getting a lot of attention. The Emerging Writers Festival program was launched with myself as one of the participating writers. I'm really really excited (and nervous) about this. I will be on the Digital Writing panel at the Town Hall conference on Sunday the 27th of May. If you are coming along let me know!

That leads me to ask, for any budding writers out there do you have any questions about blogging? Please give me some ideas about what to address in my presentation. The other exciting piece of news came through on Thursday when the SBS fortnightly food newsletter was published with me in it! I am their "featured foodie" and it kills me that on the front page of the SBS food website under the headline "going vegan" is my quote "I became a much happier person almost instantly". It's been driving quite a lot of traffic here *waves to new readers* I am excited that my wee vegan website is getting such great attention.

food: I got some garlic bread from Glicks Cakes and Bagels (best bagels in Melbourne and great garlic bread too), hoed into some Mad Mex (the chapel st store is definitely the best one), visited my local cafe Acoustico (which is just the cutest darn cafe in Brunswick), almost cried with pleasure at Movida Aqui, had a calming coffee and fruit toast at Munsterhaus, visited Hoboken which is now open Thursday/Friday/Saturday (their beans and rice are exquisite and perfect for when you are starving and don't want to wait the 3 hours to get in anywhere on a Friday night), went back for the first time in almost a year to Fo Guang Yuan (things have changed! will be writing about them this week), finally hit The Moat (is AMAZING and could be my new favourite place in Melbourne, very like Journal but with a full menu not sure of its vegan capabilities yet), and finally I went twice to my newest place of discover SALFORD LADS CLUB. I work in Port Melbourne and I can't believe I've never been there. Boom. New coffee haunt.

emerging writers festival program launch

OOOO! It's almost here and it's very exciting. I wish I'd hung around to chat with people after the panel but I was so hungry I was going to stab someone. Can't wait for the fest!


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