Tuesday, May 22, 2012

monday melbourne roundup

Whew! I meant to do this yesterday but life has been CRAZY. The project I've been working on for the past 6 months went live on the weekend, not without big hiccups. I was also in Sydney to do godmother duties at my nieces christening. I have Emerging Writers Festival this Sunday so have been frantically figuring out my speech. I have exams starting next week and a major assignment due the week after not to mention a very sick flatmate at home. I also had my wallet stolen out of my bag on Victoria St last Thursday which made a difficult week beyond stressful, I was supposed to hire a car in Sydney to make life easier for everyone.. well it just made everything worse. Track work on the East Hills line meant I had to catch a train to Kingsgrove then a bus to East Hills then another train to Holsworthy which my Mum had to drive 20 minutes to come and get me from. It was my own personal John Hugues movie.

So yeah that's why it's been quiet around here.  Are any of you coming along to the  Town Hall Conference for Emerging Writers Festival? I finally uploaded a bunch of pictures yesterday so there will be some posting this week. Without further ado here is the roundup.

Purple peanuts becomes my crutch when things get too frantic, I got takeout three times last week.  I went back to the Loving Hut for deep fried sweet and sour comfort food and it was deelicious, post coming soon. Walkers Doughnuts for some serious hotdog action (a couple of times) I should try out one of the many new hot dog places around town. Many many places for nourishing coffee but too busy to list them.

the laramie project - ten years later
My review is up on milkbar mag.

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  1. nightmare about your wallet! sounds very busy , good luck with exams (i've got at least two in june) and so nice you could be there for your nieces christening!

    Oh the laramie project, my american cousin brought a production of it to edinburgh last year for the festival. They did it amazingly, was a very strong production!

    love and miss you, Barnicles xx


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