Tuesday, May 8, 2012

yong green food - fitzroy


MOAR YONG. Again this was *exactly* what I needed. It was the first time in years I wanted to hug my plate from the nourishment and love it was giving me (stay with me). Seared "soy tuna" with brown rice, vegies and soy dressing. It sounds so boring but its the complete antithesis. So tasty and healthy. Yong... yong yong yong. I LOVE YOU.

deets: 421 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy web: no web site
$$: soy tuna was $14? I can never remember

other voices, other times:
wayfaring chocolate
in the mood for noodles
hot: mel hot or not
eat and be merry for tomorrow we diet
where's the beef?


  1. I brought my sister a slice of their lemon cheesecake, and took it to her place last week. Oh SQUEE! The joy on her face was amazing! I didn't realise that she'd never had cheesecake before she went vegan. My only regret was that I didn't buy her more. I was a bit sneaky and ate a minuscule slice of it the night before out of the fridge and I thought it was pretty ordinary. But when I gave it to her, it had cooled down to room temp and was great.

    Another tip for Yong? Save room for dessert. Actually, I think their black sesame ice cream was better than the cheesecake. Glad I don't have a tub in my freezer or it'd be all gone!


    1. yeah I've had their raw cheesecake (well pecan pie) not too big of a fan of raw desserts find them too rich...but will try a few others..

      love how much you love them M xxx

  2. Aw, squish! Thank you for the link! I have only been to Yong's the once, but it suffused my heart with such joy that I love it like the wind. It is one of the main reasons I plan to eventually move to Melbourne, yes indeedy.


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