Monday, June 11, 2012

monday melbourne roundup

heellloooooooooooooooo. Someone's been getting a LOT of sleep, reading books and hanging out with friends. So so relaxing and wonderful, I've missed my friends so much. Now I'm just hanging out in bed on Queens Birthday Monday morning and don't really plan to leave the house today can't wait! Would love suggestions for movies or tv shows as I'm running low I can't believe I've managed to work through the MASSIVE pile of stuff to watch.

eats. I'm getting fat. I can't be bothered exercising for the past couple of months, which is very unlike me. I guess I'm just so weighed down by school (no pun intended haha) but also the weather has been so shit, I like exercising outside. Anyway so I've been stuffing my face left right and centre and being the legless lush that this city appreciates me to be: this week notably movida aquiberlin bar and the vegie bar.


tuesday - MKA
MKA is a new work/development theatre in North Melbourne. I had never been there before and jumped at the chance to get a couple of tickets. Tuesday was very interesting, very well written and executed. A play about banality and the crushing day to day grind set in a supermarket. I liked it and liked the space, if you're looking to explore new theatre go and check it out.

white rabbit record bar
We walked into Kensington after the play. I love how North Melbourne can be West Melbourne or Kensington ha. This bar is AMAZING AND MAKES ME WANT TO MOVE TO KENSINGTON. Not sure about vegan food but definitely makes me want to go to MKA more often so I can then hang out in this bar.

the burlesque hour - fortyfivedownstairs
A.M.A.Z.I.N.G - if you 'hate' burlesque go to the Burlesque Hour. Finucane and co are the most extraordinary women you will ever see perform. My review for Milkbar is up.

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