Monday, June 4, 2012

monday melbourne roundup

I'm writing this from the peaceful and uncomplicated beach of my mind. SCHOOL IS ON HOLIDAYS FOR 6 WEEKS and all my commitments are over until MIFF in early August. OHHH YEAHHH.

After the mental couple of weeks I am of course sick but hey I have four nights at home this week (FOUR) so I do not care about anything ever at the moment. This means so many things, completing quite a few projects at home and lots of cooking! (which also means new recipes for the blog).  How are you kidlets? Feeling fine? Happy? Sad? Indifferent? How friggin cold is it? It was 2 degrees on Saturday morning that's just plain wrong. Let's get into it.

food: You've seen it all float through, that's how I eat when I'm super busy which isn't that bad in hindsight. It was interesting for me to watch too, I gave up eating chocolate about a month ago and it's really taken, I'm surprised. I also gave up eating fried food at the beginning of the year but that seems to have stuck over the past couple of months too. Cheers all round for my gall bladder and liver!


the emerging critic - emerging writers festival
I found this panel very interesting, it was nice to hear others talk about their writing and reviewing. I don't know anyone else who does review nor do I read much review so I very much do my thing on my own.

fright night - emerging writers festival
SO MUCH FUN. Held in the haunted music room at the State Library we were treated to a night of ghost stories, zombie stories and just plain disgusting stories. Laughed my head off but was also really creeped out catching the tram home haha.

the goat or who is sylvia? - 5pound theatre
The play was extremely interesting and 5pound theatre were compelling as usual but the venue, the Collingwood Underground Carpark, is literally just that. It was 6 degrees outside and no doubt colder in there, a 2 hour play was entirely unpleasant. I couldn't feel my legs after I left!

the green - MQFF goes west

This film was great. Extremely well written, I was surprised (sorry queer film). I love this portion of the festival, after all the craziness and the Sun Theatre is just so divine. 3.5/5

the grey

I'm finally catching up on 2012 film. This movie was great! Dumb action movie about a bunch of plane crash survivors being mauled by wolves. AWESOME. 3.5/5

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