Monday, June 18, 2012

monday melbourne roundup

Hey! School holidays are AMAZING, I've read 3 books in the past week. The thing I've been most enjoying is hanging out at home.. in the quiet, reading, BEST. I've been trying not to fill up my time too much, I've actually found myself getting bored so I've had to just calm down and sit. It's NORMAL to have more than one night a week at home, get with it! I had a super fun week though so here we go.

eats. I had an AMAZING vegan laksa at the Union Hotel on Wednesday night at book club. I was really surprised as I've had their food in the past and its been quite bland. Post coming soon. I went back to Yongs, omfg post soon. I also went to try out the new Polish menu at Gasometer and can I say UNFUCKINGBELIEVABLE. The vegan pastrami burger is the best vegie burger I've ever eaten, hands down. I wasn't that into their southern menu but this is going to kill me fo'sure! GET IT IN YOUR FACE IMMEDIATELY. The Tramway in Fitzroy have quite a few vegan dishes on their menu, I tried their mushroom burger but honestly after Gaso nothing compares. NOTHING. There was a bit of other stuff but that's all the highlights.


motherfucker in the hat - red stitch
review up on milk bar (liked it)

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