Monday, June 25, 2012

monday melbourne roundup

Ahh. Be doin what normal people do - cook food, hang out with friends, read books. I even found time to go on a date, miraculous! Holidays have been wonderful.

Super exciting news! I'm going to be on the panel at the next Cherchez la Femme! The topic is feminism and food and one of my fellow panellists is my number one crush Clementine Ford. SQUEEFASE. Come along, it's going to be an interesting night AND is at the Gaso (their new Polish menu is OFF THE HOOK).

This week I've been spotted reading a book in my sister says, wide open road, the vegie bar, von haus, om vegetarian ($6.50 all you can eat!), yong green food and miss marmalade.


Loved it! It wasnt as squeamish as I'd hoped it be but still loved it anyway. Bonus points for a particularly rowdy crowd squealing along the way. 3/5

macbeth - bell shakespeare

I had never seen Macbeth staged so I was pretty excited. The production is excellent, the set mind boggling. Lady Macbeth completely stole the show (as she should) but really almost outshone everyone else. The witches concentrated to one was genuinely very creepy. To the point when it finished suddenly everyone just sat in silence for an uncomfortable few seconds. It's gone back to Sydney now but was fucking fantastic.

national theatre live - frankenstein

I LOVE that Nova screens the National Theatre and Met Opera performances. This is the encore season of last years screening (due to popular demand). We went and saw the version with Johnny Lee Miller as the creature. Look honestly it was a bit too overblown for me, there IS actually a point where a production has too much money (and too many ideas to boot). Highly recommend seeing it though if they put it back on again. 3/5

the descendants

Catching up on film for the year. BORING. Turned it off half way through. ZZZzzzZZzz/5


  1. Was thinking of going to the next Cherchez La Femme (my first) and you being on the panel has made me REALLY want to get there!

  2. It would be awesome to see you Tahn!


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