Wednesday, July 18, 2012

bo de trai - footscray


I'm back at school and back in Footscray. First port of call was Bo De Trai (even though I had lunch in my bag BAD!), I couldn't help it! Bo De Trai is SOOO GOOD. I didn't have much time so I got the "imitation pork skin" rice paper rolls. These and the vegie rolls are already made up to quickly service the lunch rush. Served with imitation fish sauce and I was in heaven. So delicious, filled with cabbage, carrot, bean shoots and Vietnamese mint. That and they are $6 and come with a huge flask of green tea.

deets: 94 Hopkins St, Footscray
$$: 6 bucks!

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  1. Oh man, I really need to go back there. It's been YEARS.

    1. the wonton soup is ridiculous.


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