Saturday, July 28, 2012

easy as vegan pie twenty twelve survey


Welcome to the first easy as vegan pie survey. I will be conducting this (hopefully) annually and I think the results will be fascinating! As I want to get a good snapshot of the Australian veg*n community there are lifestyle/personal questions in here I hope you don’t mind (you have the ability to be anonymous). The survey is open to all eavp readers but the prize can only be sent to an Australian address.

The survey closes on the 31st July. All entries who leave their email address will be eligible for the prize draw which is a $100 gift voucher to the advertiser of your choice (The Vegan Store, Be Genki, Vegan Style, Hemp Foods and the Personal Vegan). Any questions please be in touch! 

Please please send out the link to your various communities. The results will be published here in the weeks following survey closure.


  1. The question about who you live with would be good to have an other option or with kids.

  2. The question about where to buy your vegan food didn't really seem relevant to me. Maybe because I don't really eat vegan junk food like cheeses etc (I mostly cook from scratch) and foods like tofu and lentil burgers are so widespread now that I don't consider them a specialty. I just shop at supermarkets or markets, where mainstream people buy their food, have never really thought about going to a special shop to get vegan products!

    Actually the only exception is nooch - I go to my local vegan shop for that.


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