Tuesday, July 10, 2012

monday melbourne roundup - the gold fields edition

Tra la la. I go back to school next week but in the spirit of doing less I have now reduced my subjects from two to one. That means I have no night classes. Knock.me.down.with.a.feather. After this week I’ve wrapped up all my volunteering except for one organisation (which I will now solely concentrate on) and I feel so free I could cry. I open up my diary for the next month and there is one engagement in there, ONE. A blank canvas for me to build the life that I feel is important. Hoorah.

Just before going back to school I thought I’d better take a wee break (it’s been over a year since I’ve been on a proper holiday) so I went to Castlemaine for the weekend. We had loads of fun building fires, climbing rocks, fossicking for tea sets and generally relaxing in the silence. Here are some links for ye:


Melbs got hit hard this week, Mad Mex opened up at Southern Cross station with $5 burritos – you know what I did. I visited Munsterhaus for a coffee and some fruit toast, I love it there so much it’s a shame I don’t go more often. I was of course at Gasometer for the Cherchez la Femme event which went swimmingly and I had their vegan parma. Delicious, much much better than the plastic cheese covered turd from the EBC. This didn’t make me sick at all but was too big for me to finish thankfully others were keen to help. I had of course moar Yong and Lord, posts coming soon. And a wee side note I have been reading along with Hares and Hyenas queer book club so I have been spending some time there. Love it. The books have been a bit hit or miss but have been really enjoying it.

Castlemaine – We had a very long and boozy dinner at The Good Table, it was wonderful - post coming soon. Wesley Hill market is the local famers market each Saturday. Large selection of organic produce and bits and bobs. If the day is sunny it’s awesome, so many locals with their kids it’s a great market. Cured and Apple Annies are the best places to get coffee in town. We had a quick breakfast at Saff's (vegan gluten free labelled breakfast item!). The coffee was terrible but the food was delicious, post coming.

      vegan smores on the stove

Bendigo – We went into Bendigo on Sunday afternoon but everything was either closing or closed so we didn’t get to do much (sad fase). We had heard T’Hooft is good for coffee and it’s certainly very cute but were closing when we got there. We had better luck at the Bendigo Corner Store, we could get coffee but food service had stopped for the day. They have a large vego menu and are labelled vegan friendly on Foursquare so will try them next time. Foursquare really is invaluable for these kinds of things. See whats popular, read the comments also I went to a lot of places my friends had been to knowing their taste was aligned with my own (Foursquare tells you where your friends have been).

Ballarat – We only drove  through on the way home, my eyes were set on Gold Rush mini golf. If you’re into vintage items The Mill chain of stores really cant be beat. The one in Daylesford is the size of an airplane hanger. I am on a no buying ban (particularly tea sets) as I’m going to the States and Canada for a month in September so I studiously avoided The Mill. Well you can imagine my horror and humour when I found that the Ballarat store is RIGHT NEXT DOOR to Gold Rush mini golf. I of course went in and this is what I bought:


I heart mini golf. The top two things I do whenever I go somewhere new is op shops and mini golf (or putt putt or crazy golf as it’s also known). I got so excited to know there was a black light course and an outdoor course, but they were both pretty lame. The indoor course was gloriously random it went from dinosaurs to a king kong animatronic head to medieval times, glow in the dark medieval times then pirates (naturally). It’s almost like they asked a 7 year old to design it. The black light course was an afterthought, a roof on top of a portion of the medieval course with glow paint sprayed all over it.

The outdoor course was well maintained and cute but the difficulty/imagination of the course wasn’t really there. We had a lot of fun though and it was quite cheap ($17 for two courses). A few photo opportunities as well which always adds to the value. I’m looking for a mini golf blog, did a quick google and couldn’t find one for Australia, does anyone know?

On Sunday morning we headed down to Hanging Rock to do a bit of hiking. I didn’t realise you could climb right to the top and it was quite difficult! Loved it. We saw a koala asleep at the top, it was so nice to get out in the fresh air and climb something. I’m a Capricorn, the goat, I love LOVE LOVE scaling things, getting skinned hands and sore knees. There’s many walks I want to do around this area. We’ll be going back in October so I will knock another off the list soon.

Do you have any hints/tips for country Victoria? Walks or food or booze? Oh and HAPPY MIFFMAS EVERYONE. I’m going to the press launch at 5pm I can’t believe that at 6pm tonight I will have my hot little hands on the program. #dying #doubledying

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