Monday, July 2, 2012

monday melbourne roundup

Ok this it! I’ve hemorrhaged money the first 6 months of this year. I mean the amount of money I’ve spent is actually quite disgusting. So I am turning over a new leaf, starting with prioritising things. I spend so much money because I don’t have any time. I don’t have any time because I do too many things. It’s wonderful to run around town checking out all these independent theatre companies and arts thingys but I need to start prioritising things as to whether they are IMPORTANT.

Out of all the theatre I’ve seen this year there’s probably 3 or 4 plays that I would categorise as important. Important meaning is it worth me spending so much money to facilitate this? To feel tired and stressed and frantic all the time? To feel disgusted with myself when I have no money left the week before pay day. So I have prioritised. My website comes first and then ALGA comes second. This is where I want to be spending the lions share of my free time. Theatre comes a third, I get comps all the time but unless the production is something important to me rather than interesting I wont go.

I feel liberated and optimistic for the next 6 months. I’m also being bad cop to myself and will be tracking EVERY DOLLAR I spend over the next 3 months (hopefully a year) to see where all my money goes. It feels good. I’m tired of being a spoiled child, lavishing whatever I want on myself. Ultimately I’m trapped into my job because my lifestyle is so extravagant, I want that to change so I have more freedom. Ironic isnt it? Any new financial year resolutions for you guys?

REMINDER - Feminism and Food - Cherchez la Femme panel tomorrow night at the Gaso. I am speaking on the subject. See you there!


In light of my new non spending patterns I only ate out twice this week, a quick burger at Lords and a tofu asada burrito at Trippy (absolutely AMAZING).


The new Helium program at the Malthouse looks fantastic. I’m probably slightly biased because the curator is my dear friend Josh. But really look at the program it’s AMAZE. Can’t wait till it starts (definitely goes in the important category).

The Lawler Studio productions will always be in the important category as they are consistently amazing. The Golden Dragon was a little TOO dramatic for me. Very heavy handed but beautiful to look at. It’s the Lawler doing a Red Stitch production, gut wrenching, bruising but dripping with money. I enjoyed it and think you would (micro context) in regards to (macro context) theatre in Melbourne still very good but too sad/serious for the Lawler.


More catching up on 2012 film. Jeez its been a bit dry for good film so far. This was pretty good I must say, relentless Fincher-esque pace, good action, quite creepy but the final scene had the potential to rival Silence of the Lambs but just fizzled out. Disappointing but still ultimately good. 3.5/5

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