Monday, July 16, 2012

monday melbourne roundup

Short week as I was in the country for 3 days. The countdown to MIFF is on, I got the program on Tuesday and spent a couple of days wetting myself over it’s contents. It’s the best time of year for me those 2 days between getting the program and booking your tickets before the general public gets in on the action. I did EXTREMELY WELL with my programming this year I have 6+ days off (from the festival). I get better and better at it each year. I still have 4 nights and 2 day sessions up my sleeve just seeing what gets talked about or if I find myself missing MIFF and just dive back in picking anything. SO EXCITING, are you going? What are your picks?

So ACMI in all it’s glory decided to put on a retrospective of one of my favourite directors, Guy Maddin, this fortnight. So swoon worthy, it feels like MIFF already. Ok off I go.


Trying to cut down my spending I only had a couple of meals out namely yong (of course), borsch vodka and tears (always post getting tattooed reward) and a quick film festival lord of the fries burger crammed into my maw on my way to ACMI.


the saddest music in the world – guy maddin retrospective –ACMI

One of my favourite movies ever. It was a total dream to see it on the big screen. Thanks ACMI. There’s still 2 weeks left of the retrospective, choose a stream or just one movie. What Guy Maddin does is magical.

Guy Maddin's films take on an entirely different feeling when projected. I had never seen Archangel before but it riffs on his common themes, amnesia, amputees, lost loves, romance and slap stick. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

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