Monday, July 23, 2012

monday melbourne roundup

Oh Melbs. You are a delicately soft and saucy thing. Had a really wonderful week of hanging out with friends, going to the theatre, going to art openings and eating all the delicious food (and spring cleaning house) MY FAVOURITE THINGS.  


Spudbar (honestly I think I would request roast sweet potato as my last meal), Bo de Trai, had a fantastic meal at Markov Place their servings are frigging HUGE. I couldn’t take photos because it was too dark but we had 5 share plates, 2 bottles of wine and it was $160. We also took home enough food for two meals EACH. So be warned or order up and take it with you. Highly recommended.

I’ve started running again which has actually been quite amazing. The first 3 times was hard work but after that I have had no joint or muscle pain (I take magnesium in the morning and night on the days I run and vegan glucosamine after). So with running comes a hunger you have never experienced. Enter OMFG DUMPLINGS. For some bizarre reason I could not get through Friday without the promise of dumplings so I went to the best dumplings place in Melbourne SHANGHAI STREET. I queued 45 minutes to get a table which is unheard of for me because I don’t wait for no one, anything but particularly food. Post coming this week (get it into your maw).

So much for me cutting down drinking. I figured it out that if I go running in the morning (getting up at 6am) it means I can be drinking in the evening. So much wine was drunk this week, particularly at Atticus Finch. Love that place.

A quick Lord was crammed in, as well as a coffee at Wide Open Road (their staffing issues are still the same, I waited 10 minutes to GET MY NAME DOWN for a table), coffee at Miss Marmalade is always a pleasure. This biggest revelation of this week was Madame K’s on Brunswick St. Post coming soon but it was unreal. Yong being too busy ended up being total win.

In the battle for Carla’s stomach WHOS CUISINE WILL REIGN SUPREME?


bild lilli – the malthouse
Not recommended.

the pride – red stitch actors theatre
On par with Wild Duck as the best thing I’ve seen this year. Tender, hilariously funny and deeply moving. I cannot recommend this enough, please go. I’ll be posting a review for it soon.

gertrude st projection festival
Is there nothing more Melbourne romance than wandering around cold streets with loads of other people admiring stunning, mind bending art? This years festival is a cracker. Eat a huge meal and waddle around it like we did.

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