Monday, July 30, 2012

monday melbourne roundup

Wow well according to Foursquare I did sweet fuck all last week. Which isn't, of course, entirely true. I hit all my favourite cafes (so much for spending less money) but I went on a particularly home improvement bent. After years of being a hobo with chronic wanderlust I'm finally nesting and making a home (it's only taken me 9 years of coming back and forth to Melbourne to call it my 'home').

I just can't explain it, I've finally found a flat that I never want to leave - it's just perfect for me in so many ways. So over the past year of being there I've been nesting like a Stepford Wife. I got rid of everything I owned before I moved in, I wanted to have a fresh start. So last week I hit Replica Furniture as they were having a closing down sale and bought the materials to make these poufs! I live in a smallish flat so I'm going to make four and then when I have dinner parties we can eat at the coffee table (another thing I finally decided on last week after finding the perfect one).

I'm also becoming seriously minimalist (one eye and leg always still on moving overseas) I want to remain portable but also honour all the beautiful things I've collected over the years from travelling. So I've been getting things framed like a mad woman but also doing a data cleanse with an eye to moving everything to the cloud by the end of the year. I have no money but I cant bear the thought of these things languishing in a cupboard for another 15 years (THAT'S how long I've had some of these things).

I'm also in spring clean mode, my flatmate is moving out and I'm going overseas in September for a whole month so love coming back to things just how I like them. Speaking of which, I'm looking to sublet my flat while I'm away, if you know anyone who needs a room for the whole of September email me! Room is in the Peoples Republic of Brunswick - close to everything and is mega awesome.

oh and housekeeping - have you filled out the survey? it closes tomorrow! and I'm doing one more cooking class this year, get in!

oh and pee ess - I'm actually going to post a recipe this week! Eeee!

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