Wednesday, July 4, 2012

the vegie bar - fitzroy

Stuffed mushroom with vegan cheese, roasted pumpkin, salad and tomato relish/sauce $14

I miss the vegie roast, I really do. But this is a good substitute. Filling, rib sticky and oh so healthy, I mean that's one seriously massive mushroom. I had tried to go to Yong (again) at 1pm on a Tuesday and still not open? I mean more power to them open when you feel like but sad fase. This wasn't a bad substitute, the tomato sauce/relish in particular was delicious. It's always hard to try something new at The Vegie Bar but I would recommend this.

deets: 378 Brunswick St Fitzroy, 03 9417 6935 web: the vegie bar
$$: $14

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