Wednesday, August 8, 2012

miff - snacks on the run

Another year another mad dash around several cinemas in Melbourne. I've already written a couple of posts on snacks on the run but the landscape of Melbourne changes so quickly I thought I'd do an update. I usually go to places that are quiet, have good coffee and I can decompress from MIFF madness OR places I can grab something portable to eat walking to the cinema (bad I know but how you gotta do). Remember NO HOT FOOD IN THE CINEMA*.

close to ACMI/The Forum

Hoboken (Hosier Lane) is an excellent addition to my MIFF haunts. They have awesome beans and rice but also lovely coffee and staff. Opening times are sketchy, can't seem to find out. Give it a whirl.

Movida Next Door (Hosier Lane) - if you need some civility or just to treat yourself. Pull up a stool, grab some tapas and a glass of wine.

Journal (Flinders Lane)- great for down time, especially if you've got over an hour to kill. They serve killer coffee and bruschetta. Lots of MIFFster hang out there so you will more than likely strike up a conversation.

Chocolate Buddha (Federation Square) - when it's not busy you can usually get good service and something quick/healthy to eat. Bit exe but sometimes worth it for the sanity/not eating on the run. Terrible coffee, don't bother.

Lord of the Fries (Flinders St Station) - great to grab something quick on the run. I'm loving the mini hot dogs lately.

Kikoo (Flinders St) - rice paper rolls are BOMB and they are $4 after 4pm (I think). They also have loads of hand rolls and are open late (about 8pm) but rarely have vegetarian stuff left after 6pm.

close to Greater Union

Gigi (Swanston St and Little Bourke) - cheap and cheerful Japanese, you can be out in half an hour if need be. You can also get a multitude of things take away (have good rice paper rolls).

Great Eastern Asian Grocery (Russell St) - grab something to snack on if you really don't have time. Have a big mochi selection amongst other things.

Von Haus (Crossley St) - somewhere to chill out. Zero vegan food but great wine and excellent coffee (and an oasis in the middle of the city).

Lord of the Fries - Swanston St - their newest location, the lines arent as long as at Flinders St station and is closer to GU.

close to Kino

I rarely have sessions at this cinema so don't have any suggestions. Lots of great places along Flinders Lane though, I'm sure you'll find something.

and in general

as my public transport change is usually at Southern Cross station there are a couple of options to grab on the way to your session.

Purple Peanuts (Collins and Spencer) - I usually grab a small salad. Great to snack on in the cinema.

Mad Mex (Southern Cross station and Melbourne Central) - burrito on the run!

What are your favourite haunts?

from @jellibat She loves Mister Close (before 4pm) but they are also catering the GU Mandala bar with labelled Veg, Vegan and Gluten Free options! SCORE!

from @vegjames funky curry does vegan samosas on King St for $2.50 (I think Funky Curry is also around the corner from GU?)

from @hayleysass she loves Little King "a tiny little cafe tucked under the archways of St Paul's Cathedral (just off Flinders Lane.)"

* I will never forgive the arsehole who slurped on a bucket of chicken drumsticks behind me for an ENTIRE film.

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