Monday, August 13, 2012

monday melbourne round up - miff edition

MIFF. I am a husk of a human being.


dark horse

I love Todd Solondz but this was him doing a Todd Solondz parody.  It had no teeth. Sad Fase (It still looked stunning of course) 3/5


EUROANGGSTTTTT. I went to this screening as Into the Abyss has been cancelled and I needed something to fill the 6.30pm slot. I'm kind of disturbed at the amount of films/plays coming out these days all about mothers who don't want their children. Set in a Swiss ski village its gorgeous to look at, good performances et et just not my thing. Gillian "mega babe' Anderson is in it though... serving up sickening euro ski MILF realllnessss 3/5

ps: Did this remind anyone else of Margot at the Wedding? I mean the final scene is EXACTLY the same.

crazy horse

I walked out at the 30 minutes mark. If you're into reducing women to a pair of buttocks its the film for you! (the trailer has apparently all the best parts) Arsecheeks/Arsecheeks

the ambassador

This was fine, it was interesting. What did he do with the diamonds in the end? Hypocritical to leave such a huge question unanswered. 3/5

the beastie boys in awesome I fuckin shot that!

For someone who is seriously allergic to shaky cam I have no fucking idea why I went and saw this. Left halfway through, the footage is unwatchable. No rating.

jayne mansfields car

This was just nothing. Poorly written, barely there plot, characters that just disappear, "heart warming" moments that are just bewildering. It was offensive with how bad it is. I left about an hour into it. No rating.

shadow dancer

Well written but with little to no tension or emotion considering it was a family espionage movie. Clive Owen could have been replaced with a scarecrow and you wouldn't notice the difference. After a seriously dud run a movie that had a plot, was well written, had me thinking and I wasn't bored was a WELCOME RELIEF. 3/5

ps: MOAR Gillian "mega babe" Anderson! WOOF!

how to survive a plague

This was good, a little too long and a little too personal (we're reaching the point where recent history documentaries have waaaay too much home video to wade through). It's a great companion piece to last years We Were Here (though that doco is far far superior). It was interesting to see the history of ACTUP. 3/5

beast of the southern wild

This was lovely. It had some truly beautiful, lyrical moments. Certainly the talk of the fest, Beast of the Southern Wild tracks a lifetime of development at ground level. Accepting where you come from, understanding and accepting or rejecting your parents, leaving the nest only to return. That home can be a comforting and a dangerous place. It's class/survival/libertarianism stuff reminded me a lot of Winters Bone, but this is the nice heart warming version. 3.5/5

the art of rap - something from nothing

A lot of people hating on this on Twitter. I pose the question to you, who could genuinely make a documentary on the history of rap without getting hung out to dry? It's such a wide reaching subject with a complex history, I certainly could have watched everyone who was interviewed for a lot longer. Ice T did a great job introducing the history of rap to the world from the people who made it. My only upset was that 2 of my favourite rappers weren't in it - Doom and Aesop Rock. I also love the girls who squealed when Kanye came on screen haha. 3/5

Personal Political Physical Challenge - The Malthouse

And now for something completely different. I went to the opening of the new Helium show on Saturday night. Look I don't really 'get' a lot of dance, I either enjoy it or I don't. This isn't really dance though, it's a stunning hybrid of agit prop theatre and dance. Yerp you heard me.

When walking out of this I couldn't help but be floored, The Malthouse for better (or most of the time) for worse really are breaking it out and putting on VERY different things things in this town. You will not see anything like Personal Political Physical Challenge this year anywhere else in Melbourne. And props to the Malthouse for that. I really really liked this; it was intense, in your face, unapologetic, funny and sexy. I would suggest reading the liner notes before you go in as it will help it to be a lot less mystifying. Recommended.


  1. Thanks for the reviews.
    I loved 'Dark Hotse', one of Solondz's best....

    1. you're welcome. glad to hear you enjoyed it! Im bummed I didnt enjoy it as much as his other films


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