Wednesday, August 22, 2012

yong green food - fitzroy


Yong's famous dragon bowl - fresh raw veg, rice, kimchi, tofu and soy beef. With a few condiments this really remind me of bimbimbap. Not my favourite dish on the menu and also a lot of food, I still enjoyed it nonetheless. That's the macro amazingness of Yong, they have all their flavours balanced so well. You walk out feeling complete. Most people crave dessert after meals because they haven't had sweet in their dinner. It's the body craving balance. Obviously I can't praise Yong moar. Going to have to fit in a visit before I go away.

deets: 421 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy web: no web site
$$: 14

other voices, other times:
metwothree, four
wayfaring chocolate
in the mood for noodles
hot: mel hot or not
eat and be merry for tomorrow we diet
where's the beef?

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