Tuesday, September 11, 2012

mercedes - venice beach - los angeles


JERK TOFU. Holy SHIT. I wasn't that hungry, was a tad hungover and definitely vitamin D drugged but spying the jerk tofu enchiladas on the menu I couldn't resist. When it arrived I was kind of like "BROWN" but after that first mouthful I was in love. The enchiladas are filled with jerk tofu and mango chutney topped off with 'carribean sauce' which will haunt me till the day I die. I must know it's secrets so I can recreate it.

Served with brown rice and beans I didnt even go there as I did not want my palate polluted with anything else. I did eat the plaintains however AND THEY WERE DELICIOUS (considering I'm mildly allergic and grossed out by banana these are actually quite different and awesome).

I think I'm going to be obsessed with Carribean food when I get home. At least jerking everything (always think of Hermes when I say that)*. As its right on Venice beach so of you might actually get there. GO. GO GO GO GO GO. I have a 6 hour stop over on the way home and I'm already scheming ways to eat this.

deets: 14 Washington Boulevard  Marina Del Rey web: mercedes grill
$$: $17 plus tax and tip

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*more dorky futurama jokes
**you need to ask for this without the cheese

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