Wednesday, September 5, 2012

monday melbourne roundup - the LA edition

Aloha from sunny, dreamy Los Angeles. I arrived 8.30am Saturday morning and this is the first time I've really sat in front of a computer. so.much.eating.and.partying. To catch up, I handed in my mid term assignment three weeks early on Tuesday. Which I copiously stressed and moaned about on Twitter for a week. Once that was done it was all packing and cleaning and getting things ready.

There were many farewell kisses and cuddles, namely at Atticus Finch and Von Haus. I have to say Atticus Finch is very underrated and has to be my favourite all rounder in Melbourne. Killer tunes, great decor, excellent wine, lots of space, no pretension... swoon fase.

Then I hit the USA and went straight to a 2 day music festival, listed below. As for eats we went to Flore Vegan on Sunday for brunch and it was awesome, post coming probably in a million years.  


FYF Fest 2012

So many thoughts swirling around in my head about this. First of all security pat down and no food or drink being brought in was kind of shitty (or unsealed cigarettes). Considering there was almost NO vegan options for food but lots of options for drinks and REALLY HOT HOT HOT its pretty dangerous but thats ALL I have to complain about the fest. Drinking was sectioned off much like the Big Day Out. I was so impressed with the running of this festival, no lines for the loos, they always had toilet paper. Security weren't total bastards, you could see the bands from many different spots out of the crowd, a lot of the time in the shade.

The biggest difference for me (against Australian festivals) is apart from there being many bands I wanted to see, there was NO sketchy dudes or sexual harassment of any kind. I did not see a single person too drunk. Everyone was really chilled and happy and just there to have a good time. It made me sad and embarrassed for Australia. I stopped going to festivals because I got sick of being sexually harassed EVERY FESTIVAL I WENT TO but also after being sexually assaulted at Golden Plains I just stopped going. My overall experience of Australian festivals is just plain shit. When the sun goes down its like planet of the apes, the amount of fist fights and glassings I've seen is out of control. So... nice one America... I also cringe at the thought of my friend coming out here to come to some festivals next year I hope she doesn't have a rough time.

The bands. THE BANDS. ALL SUBLIME. Moments of total ecstasy was seeing Chromatics at sundown and Liars. Liars were absolutely unbelievable, so primal and so dark. I felt like stripping naked, covering myself in mud and raising my hands to the sky. The Pains of Being Pure at Heart were so sweetly glorious. Aesop Rock was AMAZE as usual... There were many more but I wont waffle on.

Fantastic first two days on holidays. I'm off to Phoenix tomorrow. Till the next chapter! xx


  1. agreed. i went to pitchfork a few years back and until that moment, i hated festivals.. everyone was respectful, happy and there was vegan options galore. AMAZEBALLS

    1. wow! even after my experience of FYF I wouldnt think that about Pitchfork! I'm definitely down for going to US festivals now


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