Saturday, September 15, 2012

real food daily - santa monica, los angeles

miso soup - all part of the "real food bargain" $16
cornbread with tahini spreads Photobucket
brown rice, beans, greens, land and sea vegetables, pressed salad, I chose peanut dressing Photobucket
brownie bowl - choice of ice cream (I had vanilla and coconut) with chocolate sauce $7.50

After a few days of hard partying and rich eating I was ready for some macro goodness. Which is a shame because RFD do some amazing rich meals too.

I got the real food bargain which is their signature bowl but served with cornbread and miso soup. As you can see this meal was friggin MASSIVE, but interestingly this has been the only meal I've taken the leftovers home with me. I think portion sizes are becoming a lot more sane since in the 2 years since I've been to the USA. I also had an ulterior motive for taking most of my meal home with me, DESSERT. This was the first dessert I had since getting to the states and boy was it a doozy. I couldn't finish it and sadly Karim had to go back to work so half of it was wasted but it was totally delicious.

I rarely talk about drinks as I usually forget but I had the tropical smoothie which consisted of mango, pineapple, banana and coconut water (6.95), AMAZE and totally what I needed in the heat of LA and dehydration of lots of drinking in the sun.

I think we all know how much I revere RFD and Anne Gentry. It's usually the first stop when I get to LA and literally will be soon as Anne is opening a restaurant at LAX in December. It's not cheap (did I also mention its all organic) but is totally worth it.  

deets: RFD have 3 stores now (recently opened in Pasadena) check website for Santa Monica and West Hollywood locations  
$$: as above plus tax and tip  

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  1. We only had one meal there but it was amazing: gf pizza with nut based cheese.

    1. oh yes I remember! have added you to the link list


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