Friday, October 12, 2012

fresh - toronto

quinoa onion rings with garlic mayo $6.50
tangled thai bowl - shredded carrot & yellow beets, jicama, napa cabbage, chopped peanuts, cilantro, cucumber, Fresh Salad Topper and peanut lime dressing $9

I could eat at Fresh everyday of my life and never get bored. NEVER. It was one of the most consistently highly rated veggie restaurants in Toronto (second to Hibiscus) and I thought.. well if they were so right about Hibiscus WANT.

Fresh have 3 locations in Toronto and have been around since 1999. They are dearly loved and HUGELY popular - get there during lunch time crowd crush and it's some of the craziest insanity I've EVER seen. Thankfully we managed to get a table on the patio at the Spadina location because I think if I'd sat inside with all those people going in and coming out I would have gone crazy. 

My friend Graham had gotten confused and gone to the Bloor location so while I was waiting for him to arrive I had the quinoa onion rings. VOODOO PEOPLES VOODOO. The crunchiest, perfectly thick coating on fresh onion with a garlic mayo that is the most creamy and luscious mayo I've ever had. Must learn to recreate immediately.

I had such a hard time deciding I just ordered what Graham did. It was so SO good. Exactly as described FRESH with a really tangy dressing that cut into the raw vegies. You know how much I love the Vegie Bar but Fresh is their next level mackin' sister. Look at how huge their friggin menu is!

Sometimes you just want a shit load of vegies. Sometimes you don't. Fresh has you covered either way.

deets: 3 locations in Toronto web: fresh 
$$:  cheap

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  1. I thought Fresh was just a slightly slicker version of the Veggie Bar - good, but not super exciting. But I think I was pretty grumpy by the time I got there after tramping around lost for a good hour beforehand (trying to find one of the raw places).

    1. hey! I didnt see a post with you going to Fresh? It must not be labelled "Toronto"

      yeah I can definitely see that - like the Vegie Bar at it's most nuts you have to be in the right headspace for it

  2. QUINOA ONION RINGS!!! That is some next level shit right there.

  3. Oh my lord, Fresh. I had the beach bowl both times I went and the whole place blew my mind. HOT JUICES. YES.


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