Monday, October 1, 2012

monday melbourne roundup - the ridiculously long edition

Dear lord. This is going to be long so fair thee warned.

Overall I had a fantastic trip with very little hiccups. I broke my newish phone on the second day of my trip which was very very cathartic actually. All my message history wiped. Start fresh. Ready to build the life of people I want in it. My flights were all great. I missed my JFK>SFO flight as I didn't know they CLOSE bag check in an hour early. No biggy.

So where was I? I had just gotten to NYC. NYC was freaking amazing. The first time I went there I was sick of travelling and really grouchy and couldn't stand the crowd crush. This time was the opposite. I stayed in the West Village (my favourite) and had a bike so pedalled everywhere. This is what I'm going to do AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE now. Cycling a city is the best way to get around.

New York is pretty much the bomb. I spent 5 days blissed out pedalling around in the sunshine eating gluten free bagels, vegan sundaes and reading books in Central Park. Next stop was San Francisco for a heavy party weekend. The less said about that the better and then a road trip to Portland. I finally broke my USA driving cherry and it was fine I don't know why I was so worried. Portland is a haul and we took two girls on a ride share up so it took longer than expected so we stayed overnight outside Eugene.

Driving along the wild and ravaged coast of Oregon was *that* experience. So, so wonderful. Portland is stunning and I had a ball. Have quite a few friends up there so we partied and did some nature things which I'll talk about soon enough.

Things that worked brilliantly - getting a SIM card with data. It was expensive ($100) but SO worth it. Yelp pretty much sorted me out with anything to eat and Google maps helped me get around. Google maps in the States is off the hook. It calculates ANYTHING for you - public transport and cycling routes were perfect. I'll be writing an international travel post to compliment the domestic one soon enough.

THE BIGGEST DIFFERENCE WAS TAKING MY OWN FOOD EVERYWHERE. Being that super prepared girl scout vegan like in the bad old days actually made my life heaven. I took extraordinary meals on the plane with me and I really think it helped my health, my stomach and my overall well being. You eat when you want to eat and not only what you can salvage. Highly recommend it.


By the end of NYC I was pretty much over food. For the rest of the trip I subsisted on beans and rice. There is really only so much newness you can take. Over stimulation. Anyway be prepared for posts from 'sNice, stogo, caravan of dreams, the cinnamon snail, voodoo doughnut and homegrown smoker.

Places I wont be posting about because I didn't get a photo but YOU SHOULD GO TO IN NEW YORK is:

Lula's Sweet Apothacary - HOLY FUCK VEGAN SUNDAE SHOP
Blossom Bakery - HOLY FUCK VEGAN CROISSANTS and Blossom


the quay brothers - MOMA
Amazing and creepy.

cindy sherman - SFMOMA
ULTRA AMAZING. I was disappointed at how small the show was. She has such a massive body of work. Cindy Sherman is just incredible she is one of my favourite artists. I walked around the exhibition with a horrified smirk on my face. SHE IS WONDERFUL.

the book of mormon

Yes they finally did it. Matt Stone and Trey Parker made their Broadway musical and it is a doozy. Co written with Robert Lopez (Avenue Q) it's as searing and discomforting as you think it would be (and more actually). There's something really... wonderful about an audience being broken like that.

They start off laughing heartily (the musical is designed like a Disney musical so the audiences familiar cues are all there) and by intermission they were all sitting there jaw dropped, stony faced legs crossed. I don't know why I didn't expect this to be as brutally political as it is, I guess no one else did either.

There's so many layers to this play it's quite amazing. They did a really good job of living up to their politics as well, setting The Book of Mormon in Africa ensured an equally black/white cast and the casts diversity within that is really inspiring. That and a fat dork is the hero. I love those boys. Was it worth $155 (that was the cheapest ticket I could get) ultimately yes. Watching their minds work with a full cast is extraordinary.

I'm guessing we'll get a production? I call Ash Flanders for the role of Elder Price. He would be beyond perfect.

lan su chinese garden
After a long couple of days of driving and diabetic shock at Voodoo it was really nice to take some time out and hang out in Lan Su garden in Portland. We also spent an hour in the tea house just hanging out and trying a couple of teas. It really restored the sanity. Recommend it if you go to Portland.

ground kontrol classic arcade
OH MY GOD. GO THERE. I'm always on the make to play the Guns n Roses pinball machine (in my opinion the best pinball of all time). Sadly Ground Kontrol didn't have it but I could have easily spent all day there. Classic arcade games and pinball all for a quarter, it was completely dreamy.

multnomah falls
Oregon ridiculousness. 


Cute. 3/5

the master

I have a lot to say about this but I don't even know where to start. I feel like Paul Thomas Anderson's films really reflect the evolutionary introspection we go through - but I guess particularly in the male way. Boogie Nights - what is the nature of sexuality, gender and commodification. Magnolia - what is the nature of existence? The balance point between letting fate unfold and taking control. Punch Drunk Love (haven't seen it yet - rectifying that tonight). There Will Be Blood - what is mans nature/obsession with power and the earth. And now finally The Master - what is man's obsession with the nature of human beings and the power over them. Where is the balance point between the precognitive multiplying cell to the spirit?

I feel like I can't even give this film a rating because it sits outside all other film. It is frustrating, excruciating and poetic - a meditation.

Joaquin Phoenix is just unbelievable. He HAS to be the most underrated actor of this time. If he doesn't win ALL THE AWARDS EVER for this a deep injustice will be done. Damn boy those scorpio eyes: wet, seductive and reptilian. Makes me want to shave my hair and give it to the ocean. Sacrifice myself to the succubus.

This movie is not for everyone it is slow and long. deconstructed reality/5

ps: I also think it's beyond cool that he's married to Maya Rudolph
pps: He's one of the *few* directors I will go willingly in for an a film over 2 hours


  1. To centre in on a small part of this, I think they have a Guns n Roses pinball machine at All Star Comics in Melbourne...?


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