Monday, October 8, 2012

monday melbourne roundup

Ahh. Melbourne. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I spent the first couple of days touching my house. Picking things up, putting them down. Washing clothes, talking on the phone. Some early morning Skyping with my nephew in Sydney. Then back to work!

I took things really easy this week, not only am I super broke but my head didn't feel entirely together until Friday. My job is fine, I was happy to go back to work for the first time ever. All this shows that I'm in a really happy and good place in my life.

One thing I did do was drink coffee until I thought my hair was going to fall out. Two years ago when I was in the States I thought the coffee situation was getting better, this trip it's really not. You can rely on Starbucks but that's pretty much it.

I found a good place near where I was staying in New York but the kind of coffee we enjoy on a daily basis is a speciality item, a soy latte with an extra shot $7.50!!! That and cigarette filters, no one smokes rollies there so you have to go to a cigar shop to get them. BOO. Take all this on board kidlets (I realise I am becoming a middled aged Mediterranean man a lot faster than I thought).

My first night out was one of wonder. My best friend took me out for stunning Thai food (JESUS), helped me clean up the full glass of wine I smashed onto the table. Gave me a perfume library as a welcome back present and came along to my friends creepy puppet show*. I did however lose my helmet at Fringe Festival Hub... so that was a bummer (how DO YOU LOSE A HELMET).

we are happy - fringe festival

Fringe Festival is so vast it's overwhelming. I usually end up going to shows my friends are producing/in or being dragged along to something by Josh (who is also going to something his friends are in). I think that's the beauty of Fringe - it's a family affair.

My friend Sabrina is one of immense talent and beauty. She calls herself a body poet and I understand why. The way she moves her body, climbs into her puppetry is so beautiful and extraordinary. This was an intense show - I found it very touching Daniel found it very disturbing (that's usual for us). The show is finished now but I would keep her name in the back of your mind if you see her pop up and want to see a very different and unique performer. That and she made a puppet out of an onion. That was awesome.

A very good review of We Are Happy is over at Time Out.

*It's my standard labelling for anything with a puppet in it, as I'm intensely fearful of them


A reviewer described this a "stillborn" and I think that's the perfect way to describe it. What's going on with Cronenberg? He' obviously moving into a new direction so I'm taking this as growing pains. I mean it looked beautiful and RobPat was actually very good but the dialogue (which was entirely the films narrative) was terrible. 2 sobs out of 5

get the gringo

This was such a dude fest action movie. Look it was ok and if you're bored on a Friday night and want to watch a pretty cogent, decent, very formulaic action movie than by all means go ahead. 2.5/5

the dictator

Equal parts juvenile to quite sweet this was surprising to me. Probably one of his most accessible films it's a very very interesting comment on democracy. 3/5


  1. Blue Bottle in San Francisco and Dolcezza in Washington, DC, are two places I found that did good, Australians-can-accept-it coffee. Also, if you ever go to Kansas City, the places I'll be blogging about when I write up our two-day caffeine crawl take coffee seriously. There's hope for American yet (though sometimes, I worry...)

  2. yeah I know bluebottle and honestly I find starbucks to be better. there are places (particularly in new york) but it's always a mission as opposed to something you do on the way to something. thanks for the heads up!

    and having said that I have had some FANTASTIC drip coffee but it's few and far between

  3. I love american coffee! Black, weak and kind of bitter after taste. I drank it by the gallon when I was over there but then I am a bit of a weirdo and I would probably feel differently if it was all that was on offer and the novelty of the diner experience wears off. It's Emma here btw I don't have a login so had to choose anon. xoxoxoxox


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