Monday, October 15, 2012

monday melbourne roundup

I'm trying to be less planned. That was the biggest shift that happened when I went overseas. I had a vague outline of what I wanted to do when I was away but really only decided on the day what I was going to do. So coming back to Arts Festival I thought... by golly gee I'm going WING THIS THING.

Fast forward to Saturday lunch time where I'm trying to get into the No Child matinee to be told the rest of the season is very very very *pained face* very sold out. I think "gee SEE WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DON'T PLAN THINGS" so I took the guide and figured out a few things I wanted to see and bought tickets.

Then the ticket seller said "look it's only half an hour to curtain why don't you come back in 20 minutes and see if someone leaves a ticket behind" apparently sometimes if someone is not coming they will leave their theatre partner's ticket at the desk for someone to have. WOW. Well I came back 5 minutes before curtain and lo and behold I was able to get a ticket - a guest of the performance wasn't coming so two tickets had been released into the system. My new non planning persona was smugly grinning like a loon.

So Saturday was a long day spent in the city (as I went to the 7pm performance of La Soiree that night), it was wonderful. I was surprised how many actual shops I had to go to (I thought I bought EVERYTHING online) - shampoo, dr bronners, hair cutting scissors, non petroleum paw paw cream, melissa shoes. It was lovely to kiss my city - I'M NEVER LEAVING AGAIN.


Miss Fatty Pacman is slowly chomping her way back through Melbourne - I kissed a lot of my loves this week: Journal Cafe, Movida Next Door, Mad Mex, Spudbar, Miss Marmalade, Tom Phat and Wide Open Road. Nothing new: Tom Phat is still very average. New: there's a new Mad Mex location on the corner of Flinders Lane and Elizabeth st HOLLA, Wide Open Road has an entirely new menu with quite a few labelled vegan options - a post coming soon.


no child - melbourne international arts festival

After being given gushing, face daubing reviews all over the Melbourne media I thought well I'd best check it out. It made Richard Watts cry, The Hun gave it 5 star and The Age gave it 4.

Nilaja Sun's performance cannot be faulted - her caricature is absolutely extraordinary, heart warming and heart breaking. There were many moments I welled up in this piece. Sun has that devastating balance of pragmatism and optimism that is the embodiment of heaven on earth.

As a whole piece the first third was too much of an assault - the rapid introduction of the characters, plot, narrator and Nilaja was confusing and too loud. But once it settled in I was completely swept away with the story. There's rumours of a return season I would highly recommend seeing it. 4/5

la soiree - melbourne international arts festival

I don't know what I expected of this but I found it quite average. I think in comparison to Glory Box, which I saw earlier this year, its a waning flicker.

Or honestly perhaps I'm being too snobby or potentially heterophobic. I found La Gateau Chocolate's mugging of the audience - rubbing himself all over straight men to make them uncomfortable, homophobic. I felt like he was ridiculing his size and his sexuality for cheap laughs. I had a huge conversation with Daniel about it - look it's too long to talk about here.

There were some interesting acts - especially the rubber man and my absolute dream boat Urszula Martinez did her disappearing hanky trick (my heart cannot take seeing that twice in one year!). But overall about a third of the acts are what I would consider to be world class/completely unique.

The setting of the Forum adds loads of points - it's completely perfect and really quite magical. The sound on the floor was too loud and the performers had to compete over the top of it (cmon).

I guess ultimately I didn't realise the type of demographic this show was shooting for (middle class female suburbanites dragging their uncomfortable husbands along) or who would be attracted to it.

The audience were too hard to rile up and the fact that they were really REALLY confronted by the disappearing hanky act kind of told me all I needed to know. Anyway La Soiree, for a bit of fluff, is fine.  3/5

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