Monday, October 29, 2012

monday melbourne roundup

And so it was with a fizzle Melbourne International Arts Festival wrapped up for me this year. I *always* do this - over commit then end up not going to something or many things. Thankfully it was only one thing (Before Your Very Eyes) but I still suffer from FOMOD over it.

I finally got to clean the house properly for the first time in the month I've been back. Sometimes I feel like it's never going to end - but it has and it did and I sat on the couch on Saturday afternoon and thought that's it, I ain't moving.

Which always confirms my fear that as soon as I stop, take stock I will slow down - if I don't maintain inertia I will stagnate.  B12 injections help, as does taking the proper amount of time for sleep (which I never do) and eating well.

How to maintain well oiled, balanced inertia? Something I've struggle with for the (almost) 9 years I've been living here. The answer is there isn't on a micro week level but there can (potentially) be at a macro year level.

I know March and October are the most insane months of the year for me (with January and August merely ridiculous) - I need to start planning my energy at that level, clear my diary months in advance. I get better at it every year. Let's see what 2013 has for me. For now I sleep/rest until January (though will be going to Sydney twice before then). Finishing school mid year will also help MUCHO.


the last of the haussmans - national theatre live

Flawlessly performed, great set design, whip smart dialogue but deflated quite substantially in the second half. Not quite fully baked and didn't really have the cojones to face head on what he (the playwright) was alluding/building to in the first half. I feel ya buddy but you can't tap out halfway through an exorcism. 3/5

we're gonna die - melbourne international arts festival

More cabaret than theatre, Young Jean Lee says she creates work on the last thing in the world she would like to discuss. Cue an intensely personal and raw performance surrounding some of the most painful moments of her life and the pieces of advice that helped her get through.

The Fairfax was the WORST venue for this performance - it should have been at the Arts Festival Hub. I feel like that really let the show down. Nevertheless Young Jean Lee is an enigmatic and captivating performer - the songs created by her backing band Future Wife are intensely sweet and completely appropriate for the material.

I found this really special. 4/5

You can watch the beginning of We're Gonna Die on Vimeo.

an enemy of the people - melbourne international arts festival

I don't really know what to say about this. I found it INTENSELY egomanical but also very thought provoking and entertaining.

The text was handled insensitively I think but the production surrounding it was very very compelling. It sits so far outside theatre I usually see I've found myself pondering it for days. There was also a dog! I've never seen an animal performer onstage before!

This production left my head all mushy - there was so much going on, a lot in the name of naturalism that was at times frustrating but then also lulling. So yeah hrm. Bummed I didn't go to Hedda Gabler last year.. I had a ticket and everything! 3/5

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