Wednesday, October 10, 2012

sadie's diner - toronto

Photobucket scrambled tofu with facon, hash and gluten free toast $12(?)

Clearly I rely on the internet for pretty much everything. So much so I never jot down prices etc I just expect a menu to be online. Which is why my prices are sometimes pretty hazy so sorry -as Sadie's does not have a menu online.

In planning my trip to Toronto it was fantastic happenstance that Michael had been a few months earlier. I drooled over his postings and was quite excited (at least food wise) for my trip!

Sadie's was the first proper veg place I sought out. I thought it'd be best to load up on some alcohol soaking stomach lining before I went and had an afternoon of cocktails with Michelle at TIFF.

Having walked quite a long distance there (and staying in the "Gaybourhood") I was wondering WHERE THE HELL IS THE GLUT OF SEXY QUEER LESBOS I HAD BEEN PROMISED/DREAMING ABOUT were. The answer - Sadie's was full of them (hilariously there was only ONE man while I was there who was quite clearly a serious Dykon - in a full restaurant). So that made Sadie's pleasant straight up.

Secondly the menu wasn't anything special just vegan diner food (I say that so glibly after spending so much time in LA) but my tofu scramble and hash was freaking delicious! The ladies who work there were lovely and the facon was THE BEST FREAKIN FACON IVE EVER HAD. Wouldn't expect less from a Canuck but it was like maple smoked facon. WHO MAKES THAT SHIT.

I'm sad I didn't get to go to Sadie's another time during my stay. I created a Googlemap (highly suggest doing this wherever you go) of all the places I wanted to go and the veg food nearby so that took me on some seriously amazing food adventures (SO MUCH FOOD). 

deets: 504 Adelaide Street West, Toronto web: sadie's myspace
$$: cheap

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  1. I thought that 'google map' link was going to be to your actual map. Here's mine!

    Can't wait to read the rest of your posts - Toronto was a big ol' veg binge for me. Something like 10 different places in 6 days.

    1. argh! It was supposed to be... but I can't view gmaps at work properly due to restrictions.. hopefully I've fixed the link but might have to wait till I get home.

      yeah I just re-read all of yours and Hogtown is the only other place we cross over! I tried to make it to Vegetarian Haven but it was always closed when I was hungry (between 2-4pm!)

    2. It's working now! Looking forward to the rest. And for an excuse to revisit.

  2. WHAT A CRAZY RANDOM HAPPENSTANCE! So much Dr Horrible love. And fake bacon love. Thank you, thank you, thank you for reminding me that it is truly exciting that I'll be in Toronto in a week's time or so. I've forgotten that amidst the desperate panic over leaving the US.

    1. oo! well I'll have a few posts up but HIBISCUS!! Hogtown Vegan and FRESSSHHHH jesus I could have eaten at Fresh everday 3 times a day.

      Also check out Loblaws supermarket you will DIE. DIE DIE DIE.


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