Monday, November 12, 2012

monday melbourne roundup

ahoy hoy.

I HAVE BEEN DYING OF THE SINUS INFECTION FROM HELL. I'm talking black eyes y'all. So hence no posting. I could barely look at a computer screen for 3 days. I'm going to an ear nose and throat today to get all checked out.

Hokay so really there is not much to post about anyway (as I've been sick or studying).

coffee. great places for coffee in Sydney - double roasters (Marrickville), coffee trails (Central), the baron (all the way out in Castle Hill)

eats. I went and bought a BUTTLOAD of stuff from spoons vegetarian butcher - I'm seriously impressed and so was my dinner party. I had dinner at mother chus vegetarian kitchen and wasn't overly excited (didn't take photos so wont be posting). In Melbourne I reunited with yong and it was MIND BLOWING and finally I had too much lord for my own good.


I did go to Sydney for the weekend a couple a go. Went to Horse Meat Disco at Goodgod Small Club which you may know is the same guy who used to run Honkytonks/Third Class and now The Bottom End. It was fun though the smoke machine was a little too full on haha none of us could speak the next day.

We also went to White Rabbit Gallery, which is super awesome. A Chinese modern art gallery in Sluzzo. It has a wee tea house on the ground floor NO VEGAN FOOD WHATSOEVER. Amazing selection of tea though.

world vegan day

I dragged my butt out of study mode to spend some time in the sun at WVD. It was great to bump into so many people I haven't seen since the last WVD (which was shocking where the fuck did the time go?!?).

I got to have some Enlightened Cuisine without having to trek over the city. It was nice to see so many friendly faces. Hopefully next year I can participate in some way AS I WILL NO LONGER BE STUDYING! WHOO HOO. PS fantastic venue! So much better than the Convent.

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