Monday, November 19, 2012

monday melbourne roundup

hullo hullo.

Wow. What a week. This year has brought the most seismic changes to my psyche, I am almost a completely different person.

This week culminated a life time of work. I feel I am at the end of so many things but at the beginning of LIFE.

As such, I have been thinking about this for a long time, I will be winding down the blog - aiming to finish by the end of the year.

Don't fret, I don't think I'll ever stop blogging but I need to take an extended break to work on some projects I've been thinking about for a long time.  Basically I finish school halfway through next year, I've given up all my writing commitments, I've started volunteering almost full time and it's time for me to create significant space in my life to dedicate to a project I've been thinking about for years.

It's time.

I would love to finish the backlog of posts I have (which are MANY). I don't see myself stopping all together - I'm sure I will pop up a recipe every now and then. Just know I HEART YOU ALL. There is enough information on here for anyone considering going vegan or wanting to integrate compassionate eating into their life. 

I also see myself working on the old recipes. So much about the blog bugs me, I want to reshoot ALL the recipes - which I think will be what I work on next year as my creative output.

I know this all sounds crazy but this is the time of year I do this. I have my checks and balances done for the year, I've achieved so much but the canvas (for the first time ever) is almost blank for next year and without chaos and loads of space I finally have room to make my dreams come true.

I keep my personal life off this blog because I want it to be about the food (and also privacy etc) but I just want to share with you I had a very very painful childhood that fucked me up for a very long time. Through therapy, mediation, seeking guidance and ultimately offering forgiveness to my family and myself I am now able to move on. You can do it.  Never give up on your truth or your happiness you are WORTH it and you are able to achieve it. I promise you.

The generational dysfunction and suffering CAN stop with you. The buck stops with me. I am not passing this on. If someone makes you feel bad about yourself, cut them out of your life. If you are in an abusive relationship realise that you need to move on. They say they love you but they are incapable.

Ok so heaviness aside. I had a manic week, I was on a 2 day training course so lost a lot of time.


madama butterfly - opera australia

So so SO wonderful. Where do they find these little actors? There was a 3 year old in it. I mean how on earth do you get a 3 year to sit still for more than a minute let alone pretend to sleep on stage for 5 minutes? Opening night at the opera is such a treat, it's a shame I was frantic getting there because my training course ran late. I look forward to treating myself a few more times next year.

radiohead - rod laver arena

2004. I had a ticket to the second Radiohead concert (them being my favourite band OF ALL TIME) and I got the turnstiles and my ticket wouldn't work!  I went down to the ticket office and they told me the ticket had been reported STOLEN!! (I had bought it off a friends friend) anyway we called them blah blah they said they'd give me the money back and I should just buy a ticket to the third show on the spot. Which I did. Come the next day they cancelled the concert and took off back to England (it was the last show of their world tour). Thom was unwell and apparently his voice wasnt great on the night I was supposed to go anyway but yeah BIGGEST BUMMER EVER.

Fast forward 8 years and I finally saw them. Bjork has always said that Thom is her favourite male singer and I see why. What timbre. Sonically it was something all unto its own, the band are incredible. I can't believe they have been together for 30 years. I cried buckets in this especially when Thom did a little version of Unravel as an intro to Everything in its Right Place.

In a week that was SO karmic it was like a present from the gods. Something I had wanted to see for almost 20 years and it was here. Something that had helped me through so many dark times, filled it with such beauty and he was here. It was wonderful.


  1. Can't wait to see what you've planned for next year!
    I've cut out my mother and a sister from my life almost 3 years ago, and it was the best thing i ever did!
    My childhood was more than a little fucked up also, and I've got some fucked up shit going on right now that I'm dealing with....maybe I need your therapist's number! :)

  2. thanks Tahn! All will be revealed by the end of 2013!

    I have a fantastic therapist Tahn if you want his details. Email me hon x

  3. i love you and i think you are a truly amazing person xx

    1. Love you too Hannah darling. I owe you an email about Scotland. xxx

    2. ye yes you do. but don't expect anything, just let me know if you are coming and we need to work out dates!

    3. I'm coming for a wedding so its DEFINITE. Just have to figure out what happens around the wedding. xx

  4. We'll miss you from the blogosphere! You've contributed great things to the local veg*n community these last few years (and, as you note, your archive will still serve as a resource). I hope your new projects bring much satisfaction.

    1. thanks Cindy - I really appreciate your support. x

  5. Cindy is so right, Carla, you've built such a wonderful resource here that will be of so much use not only to budding vegans, but to anyone who just loves food, period, you have every right to be proud of it! I'll be excitedly waiting to see what your new project is, and hope that we'll be able to continue happily shouting at each other on Twitter about films and food :)

    1. thanks hayley! thats really nice of you to say. yes shouting away! xx

  6. Catching up on my EAVP posts.... so sad to read this!!! But happy you have such a positive and exciting prospect in projects for 2013!!! All the best my love, you always achieve and succeed xxx


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