Monday, November 26, 2012

monday melbourne roundup

Schools OUT FOREVARHHH. Well at least for this year. I have one more semester to go, ONE MORE. But that also means with my volunteering efforts 3 nights of the week will be busy the first 6 months of next year. That's ok, it's the final countdown.

So because I am now stress free I went a bit nuts last week. Got waay too loose which included doing interpretive dance impressions of Ru Pauls Drag Race to one of my favourite actors in Melbourne in the forecourt of the Malthouse (TEAM RUJUBEE FOREVER). All in good fun (but PLEASE I must confiscate my scissors because coming home blind drunk at midnight IS NOT A GOOD TIME TO GIVE YOURSELF A HAIR CUT).


Gingerboy has some new items on it's vego menu and they are delicious. I will go back again soon. Wide Open Road has MOAR vegan items on the menu. I promise the post is coming soon (I've almost finished holiday back log). Purple Peanuts is still the bomb and Von Haus still the love of my life.


emma homfray - launch at self preservation
I have ridiculously beautiful and talented friends. I already have a few custom pieces from Emma but I was glad to see she has finally launched a website and a new range into the world. Go and view it, it's in the window of Self Preservation. All very reasonably priced, buy someone you love a unique piece of jewelery for Christmas!

pompeii la - the malthouse

My review - published on The Thousands. So will just give you my twitter synopsis "Pompeii LA is a haunting, jaundiced & a stunning view of how spiritually anorexic growing up in the 80s was. A must see, one of the years best".

black light mini golf - docklands

I can't find any good photos to put on here. It wasn't as good as I had hoped (I don't think any black light golf in Australia will live up to my childish psychedelic fantasies) and Docklands is a shithole but we had loads of fun. I would totally recommend it.

magic mike

I love Soderbergh with abandon so take this with a grain of salt.  This is his brother film to the exquisitely excellent Girlfriend Experience. Soderbergh makes me sick. He is pretty much the most talented person ever. 

Sure there are a few holes in the narrative, things just magically happen, threads are started but never picked up again but this is so beautifully shot you almost feel like you're hallucinating. HOW WAS THE MONOCHROME?!?!! 

This is what I love about Soderbergh he bring such depth out of people you've written off as a talentless hack like Andy McDowell, J Lo, Clooney, Chantates, Sasha Grey (he even made me NOT HATE Gwyneth Paltrow for one movie).

I think the reason why I love Soderbergh the most is he writes, shoots and edits all his own films so my only criticism of this is it's probably a little too tightly edited (I KNOW I KNOW!!). But why I love him, he knows how to edit a film babycakes.

It's a pretty searing parable about capitalism (that features MY PONY). You *can* get past the male strippers - if I can, anyone can. 4/5 

(reading over this again that is the magic of soderbergh!! that I could think a movie about male strippers is one of the best of the year - or even ENJOY a movie about male strippers - MIND BLOWING)

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